Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh its my Birthday today!!

here the some people who greet me on my birthday..

Lets start the pipol who greet me thru yahoo messenger..

The first person that greet me was no other than my cool buds prixson, he already greet me at the 1st day of july. I never expect that... thanks dude for that greet.

then next is Marjansel.... thanks marjansel caluma

next si lalainne arde, who was my classmate in AMACLC Las Piñas

then ofcourse si Jovie one of my best buds on the LG business.

then Jayvee who is the Senior member of the ASYD (Software Club on AMA Computer learning center)

Then Kira one of the coolest online buds. i meet this person thru the www.adlsu.com

and here some of the pipol who greet me thru the social networking site facebook ( from latest to oldest :D )

Rina Romasanta Axl belated happy birthday!!! ingat parati! God bless!!! libre mo na kami!!!^_^

Andrea Herana Axl Happy Birthday!

Mariza Ople-Albao happy birthday, alvin..more power to you and god bless you and family..

Rufino Ople hey happy bday to you regards sa dad mo ska sa cousin and your tita

Juan Marlo Reyes happy birthday axl!!!!!

Oatmeal Joe happy birthday!

Ghie Dee Happy birthday! ü

Happy Birthday!
from Ralph

Jp Villegas happy birthday!

Rhed Rivera happy birthday bro!

James Young yo pareng axl... happy bday... hehe... ^^,

Robert Kennard M. Sintay happy birthday ! =0

Elaine Ramos Happy Birthday

Jed Erik Bajador vin happy bday..^_^.

Ty Bennett Happy Birthday!!

Mark Ferdinand Mampolino ‎: Happy Birthday, Alvin!

Jon Lopez happy bday

Kimmy Anne Wiseman happy birthday!

Neil Patrick hapi bertdey poh.

Ronster Maghanoy happy boitday kapatid!

Carlo Alameda hapi beerday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Galicer Guinto oi couz!!!! hapi bithday! =)

Hannie Ventura Happy birthday! God bless you always!

Margilane Ople Hernandez happy bday alvin!!!

Sharlene Dy Happy Happy Birthday!!!^___^

Aissa del Rosario Happy Happy Birthday!

Ako Si Bas pre happy birthday tsupx2...

Evan Signey Campita pare:) happy birthday:) ingats tsong:)

Christian Dadia hapy beer day., kailangan ka magpapakain

Mj Ponce happy bday^^

Eloisa Joson hi axl happy birthday!!!!!!!

Ronald Allan Santiago Lo happy bday!

Awil Araneta hapi bertdey axl :)

Angelica Aureo Happy Birthday Axl! hav a blast!

Colleen Chua Happy Birthday. God bless. :)

Abbey Ramos axl, my turn! =) happy birthday.. Cu at shang later!

Ichie Navarez just wished Axl Guinto a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Zyra Kathleen Santiago So just wished Axl Guinto a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Maurie Campanilla just wished Axl Guinto a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Eunice Tam-Tan just wished Axl Guinto a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Mathew Lewis just wished Axl Guinto a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Geryzer Guinto hapi bday..

Kira Permunian greet u a happy birthday here,.heheh

Marlon G. Sanchez happy bday po

Irene Binas happy birthday...

Rey-Yah Partosa

Lilibeth Ison de Castro-Corpuz
happy birthday axl! wish U all d best =)

Marilou Ople Kuroda
happy b-day !! wish u all the best !!

Captconan Dela Pena
happy burdey din sau alvin, more blessing to come for you. God bless

Katrina Villar Happy birthday, axl!!! enjoy ur day, keep safe! :)

Nhatz Gepiga
akala ko me treat from u... hehehe... happy ba birthday natin bro?

France Mejes
happy birthday!!! have a good one!!^^

Mayzee Loves Oli
Happy birthday Alvin. Hope your wush comes true!

Jun Loveria
‎.....belated happy, happy birthday alvin......may He shower you all the blessings and your wishes on you natal day..

Sharie Factoran happy birthday!!

Rica Datinguinoo happy bday...:)

Yumie Oyasuminasai HAPPY BDAY!!

kenn Tanchi hapi na bday pa !!:))

Reynante Diamante Happy Birthday Bro...

Arianne Velasquez Axl! haapppy birthdaaay! God Bless.. :D

Louis Ryan Angeles Happy birthday!

Leigh M. Dela Torre happy birthday alvin. may god bless you always. enjoy your day! :-)

Lily Lacson Happy Birthday!!!

Jeff Tolentino Happy Birthday

Verna Abalayan Happy birthday!!! To more years of laughing, loving, learning, and truly living--cheers!!!

Deanne Mendoza Cuevas Happy birthday. :)

Kenn Dumanig Il Bambino Happy birthday!

Dranreb Bamba Happy Birthday:)

Nico Pedutem happy birthday! sama mo nako sa photog

Elvie Colinares 李惠珍 happy bday axl..

Prince Ingalla ‎: Maligayang kaarawan kaibigan! :)

Michael M. Tiempo Maligayang Bati at nawa'y dumami pa ang pagpapala mula sa kalangitan...

Leigh Avila happy birthday po... :)

Ken Aguilar happy birthday axl.. =)

Jericho Cagasan happy birthday pre

James Binalla maligayang kaarawan sa atin! ^__^

Arvin Erick Morales Vicente Happy birthday bro!!!

Maane Almodiente happy birthday!

Remelie Placido-Gaurano happy birthday...! God bless...:-)

Nikyjane ⓿⏝⓿ Molinar hi..couz..hapee b-day...::))

Dennis Brillante happy birthday axl!

Marvin Mlaazarte Happy Birthday..

FAisal Rugin Lee apee bertdey

Marissa Dg Tan Happy Birthday!!!!! God bless you always....all the best for a nice person like you!

Anne Margarette Peñafuerte Quilatan Happy Birthday.. :)

Paul Joseph Pagala Pangandian HAPPY birthday.. ok lang ba chicks gift ko? send ko sau.. nu present address mu?

Kaye Uy Alejandrino Happy Happy Beerday!:)

Clint Roxas Baconga happy birthday axl! :D

Sheena Aystine Aguilar appie botdei dude.......

Perly Mel Avanceña ‎..happy birthday vin, more bdays to come.. u

Clou Benitez You're getting well advanced in years dude! Weeee Happy Birthday Hartrab Axl!! Mabuhay ka! :))

Jessica Forbes happy birthday

Jovie M. Formento Happy Birthday!

Yuri Alemania happy bday
Ebbygail Gonzales happy bday

Chen Eleda happy birthday alvin. take care and wish u more blessings and good health.. God bless! -mam chen

Les Cooletz happy bday poh...

Yzonn Orcine Happy Birthday..

Mckirbz Dela Cruz happy bday boss ^_^

Rona Joan Sanidad Bartolini Axl happy brthday!

'Joseph Nico Obligacion hepi beer day axl....................^_^

Jay Fajutag happy birthday bro! :D

Hansel Dy happy birthday axl! :D

Mark Antony Layug happy bday more bday 2 come (^_^)

Espie Trinidad happy happy birthday axl! :)

Jell Mariano AXL!!!!! haberday bro!!!

Kai Lam happy birthday

Jaysan Ray Ngujo Chee Happy Birthday Axl! :)

Lalaine Angelica Arde happy birthday vin ♥

Billy Rush oi Axl ikaw naman may Birthday ngayon.. same message gaya ng message ang greetings mo sakin. :)

Marj Angeles Caluma bro! Happy birthday hehe. Tumatanda ka na talaga. Hehe. Enjoy ka ngayong araw dahil araw mo to. Hehe.

Jm Pagulayan happy birthday dn pare!

and there some greeting of my friends from IM.


Thanks to all the people who greet me.....


  1. happy Birthday! Wow! Daming friends HHH,.mdami blessings to.,.,

  2. thanks kira for the great :D