Monday, August 23, 2010

RPG Metanoia : The 1st 3D animation film in the history of Philippine Cinema

 Star Cinema and Ambient Media proudly launched RPG Metanoia, watch out for the 1st 3D animation film in the history of Philippine Cinema. Coming out this December 25th 2010, it is also Official Entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival.

What is RPG Metanoia?
 RPG Metanoia is a upcoming Filipino computer-animated adventure film produced by Ambient Media and Thaumatrope Animation, distributed by Star Cinema. It is the first Filipino animated film to be presented in 3-D.

Director Louie Suarez revealed that the film took 4 years in the making. It is said that 26 animators worked in this film and that they are done with the animation process. They are now in the dubbing process.
Lending their voices in the animated film are Zaijian Jaranilla, Mika Dela Cruz, Aga Muhlach, Eugene Domingo & Vhong Navarro.

RPG Metanoia is about a young boy name Nico (voiced by Zaijan Jaranilla) who is obsessed in playing online games. He is influenced by his OFW father (voiced by Aga Muhlach) but his mother (voiced by Eugene Domingo) is not sure if Nico’s passion for video games will benefit his future.
Vhong Navarro lends his voice as the Internet shop owner in the film. Child stars Jairus Aquino, Aaron Junatas, and Basty Alcanses play the role of Nico’s friends.

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