Monday, August 30, 2010

The thruth set you free

This one blog was so funny... its happen last Saturday aug 28 2010 at Mc Donald Ortigas.. after some story telling in my groups i go on the friend Ej and Steve to take some picture as a candid shoot after that i saw some book on the table i say.. oh its The Art of War  i told ej.. its a cool book.. the 1st time i read this book was when i in Grade 5 and Ej say.. what grade 5 are you kidding me.. and i say no its real cause its requirement on the school on that actually this book was belong on the subject on history.. and then so on and on .. i lot of thing we talk about... and the we talk about the EMO (i forget what the real meaning of this one but i know its about math wizard) and then a lot of funny scene there.. and story and Arvin join are story telling,,
Arvin tell the story about what happen on this grade school days.. about the shit in the class.. thats so funny... its hard to elaborate here..
and to make the story short,,,, its EJ turn on the story telling...

Ej:       I'll make it up to all on you..i go on priest to do confession,
           father forgive me I'm have sin,
Priest: What your sin?
Ej:       Cause pinapacopy ko mo ung mga classmate ko sa exam...
Priest:  Di mo ba alam isang kasalanan yan.. tinuturuan mo lang silang madagdagan ang kanilang kasalanan
           and tinuturan mo silang maging tamad.
           Oki son you need to do 10 our father, 10 hail mary and 5 glory be..
Ej:       Yes father i will do it..

After my confession on the i go to class...

Ej:      hey clasmate alam mo ba masamang mangopya.. kasalanan yan tsaka may maganda kung nasa tama ka.. ika nga nila "The thruth set you free"..
Ej classmate : ang kj naman nito ...

 (we are all laugh out loud not because on the station its because of the face expresion of Ej)
Then on the exam proper:

Ej:      All my classmate was cheating then  ofcourse they get all pass and me im not pass on the exam im only
         get 1 out of 5.. and the weird things is this at the end on the class my teacher told me because on what you did and u not copying or cheating on the exam i will gave you 5 on this exam and your class got 0 score..

We:    WOW.... amazing,.. clap,clap,clap.....
Axl:    Bawing bawi ka nga whahahahahah..


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