Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Shoot

Ito ilan sa mga kuha ng aking camera.. Di ko na maalala kung kailan basta ang location eh sa may San Miguel Centre, Ortigas Pasig City at Sm Southmall Las Piñas City

St.Joseph, Archangel at Mama Mary With Child Jesus Christ

My Colleagues

King Baltazar

The Three Kings

Ortigas Centre Christmas Tree and Lights

SM Choirs

Sm Southmall Christmas Tree

Sm Story Land Christmas Decor

Wendy's Christmas Tree

Manong Christmas tree

The End


  1. yung satin wag mo ipost bro ha! hahahaha!

  2. ang cool nung giant tree na may giant candy cane. sana totoong candy na lang yun. :p

  3. ang ganda talaga ng decorations bonggang bonnga hahahhaha

  4. @khan... heheh oo nga eh sana totoo na lang...

  5. ipost mo lahat axl yung kayo ni ron ahh

  6. Wow Nice Shoot@ paskong pako na xa inyo jan ah,. heheh Merry xmas,.

  7. @kira... uu nga eh... heheh... maganda din ung mga lights dian sa inyo di ba heheh :D

  8. gnda ng shots, hehe

    ang astig yung nga humongous images ng three kings and the holy family....

    galing nung nagisip nun hehe


  9. 'stig ng christmas tree concepts nila ha! :)

  10. pasko na... hay nakakamiss ang pinas...

  11. @TRA.. astig di ba... galing ng idea...

    @KC.... same here :D

    @Keatondrunk ... hehe oo nga eh major major :D

  12. @kiko... thanks men....

    @yow.. merry xmas din :D

    @nimmy... uu nga eh galing no...

    @likha.. yeap pasko na nga :D

  13. wow! pasko na talaga! nice shot!

  14. Great photos. :)

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    Confidentiality will be of utmost priority. Answering my survey will be very much appreciated. Thanks! :)

  15. It's the season to be chubby la la la la la. la la la la.

    Happy Holidays! Wishing you more blessings of love, good health, peace and luck ! :-)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!