Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Unsuccessful and the Successful Mind Though

I wanna shares some thought that i got in one of my fave author and guys i hope you like it and you learn on it.

1.Unsuccessful people are obsessed with ideas but never implement them. In other words, they are gripped by analysis paralysis,
Successful people are obsessed with implementation. They don't reinvent the wheel instead watch successful people and then copy them.

2.Unsuccessful people are obsessed about positive thinking but fail to match it with positive action,
Successful people take action to complement their positiveness.

3.Unsuccessful people wait for the right time, but it never comes. They want things to be perfect before they act.
Successful people take action when the opportunity appears. There is no perfect time other than the present.

4.Unsuccessful people wait for luck to send them on their way to success and financial freedom.
Successful people make their own luck and create their own circumstances in life.

5.Unsuccessful people are afraid to step up in the plate. They dont wanna look silly in front of their family and friends.
Successful people take risks and aren't worried whether they're gonna look silly or stupid in front of the people they know.

6.Unsuccessful people are easily influenced by family and friends. All it takes is one cutting comments from a family members and they drown.
Successful people push no matter what happen. They surround themselves with successful people and take advice from those who are already successful.

7.Unsuccessful people will always believe what they're told.
Successful people will always perform their own diligence and conduct their own research.

-Monte Schumaker

So who you are Unsuccessful person or Successful person

Have a great day kablog...



  1. very sensible post. :) galing kuya axl!

  2. agree ako ng maraming marami~~~
    viva axl~~

    -successful people are lazy to log in..jokes lng,,,


  3. @unni... whahha pude pude... nahahawa ka na kay kikilabot ha hehehe :D

  4. lahat na sinabi diyan ay totoong totoo 100%

  5. its monte schumacher bro hahaha. idol ko yan...nice post!

  6. di ko pa alam. sa tingin sakin ng iba yes and yung iba naman ay no. mostly at laging nagiging batayan ng tao kung successful ka ay yung estado mo sa buhay.

    pero mas gusto ko parin yung term na fulfilled kaysa sa successful dahil lahat ng fulfilled na tao ay successful pero hindi lahat ng successful na tao ay fulfilled. :)

  7. @kyle... kanya-kanya naman tayong definition di ba... maybe yan yung interpretation ng writer na yan :D

  8. @ron... whahahah sorry naman.. edit ko na lang tom :D

  9. i like this posst very much! :)

    worth my time

  10. korek parekoy.. kahit nosebleed ako hehe.. check check check

  11. Very Inspiring. Thanks for the post AXL! Keep posting such an inspiring post. Keep goin'...

  12. i like this post! thanks for sharing buds :)

  13. tomo...

    mukang dun ako sa unsuccessful. :p

  14. thanks for sharing this, nice insight.

  15. Thanks for sharing. Galing naman.we need this to be successful

  16. Unsuccessful yata ako!! Ahahaha pero half din... hmm.. ewan..madalas positive ako..pero di ko lam... kung nabibigyan ko ba ng tamang action pagka-positive ko.. pero hindi ako takot na gawin kahit ano na kailangan.. hindi ako nahihiya..set out lang lage ako basta may opportunity.. hmmmm..... di ko sure.. pero ganda nito axl...

  17. i absolutely agree with all of it,
    thanks axl for sharing!


  18. Hmmm buti na lang successful ako! charot hahaha

  19. @kamila... whahah ok lang yan.. basta think positive do an action to get on the goal..

  20. well said . . .
    thanks for the post bro :)
    i have something to ponder on. . .