Monday, April 11, 2011

Create Waves

Im back in the manila... so happie..

Pero sa sususnod ko na lang ikwekwento yung mga happening yung umuwi ako sa pampanga...

Magphoto series muna tayo dahil Holy Week na ngaun linggo na to, lets reflect our self to our Lord!

 Sta. Catalina Church in Arayat Pampanga

Some people think God wants them to remain small and insignificant.
Their  religion tells them, "Dont create waves. Just follow.Obey.Be quiet."
Please throw that rubbish away. Go ahead. Stand out!
Create waves. Be the best that you can be!
Use the core gifts that God gave you and develop them to the hilt.
You owe it to your Maker to become a Superstar.
Because when you become a Superstar, you praise the one who made you!

Have a wonderful Holy Monday!



  1. ang ganda ng church!

    welcome back sa MNL. hihi

  2. holy week na sa atin ngayon ko lang narealize ang layo talaga namin sa kabihasnan.

  3. have a wonderful day!thank you for sharing..=)

  4. Create waves. Be the best that you can be!- like! pang status message :D

  5. nice shots!

    ang daming nararating :)

    goodmorning axl!

  6. sana nag church tour ka AXL... Daming magagandang Churches dito sa Pampanga...

  7. @buds hehehe thanks

    @DR.. yap... ok lang yan...


    @gelo... tama :D

    @jay.. mamats :D

    @arjee. wala busy ao eh tumakas lang ako niyan whahaha :D