Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Everything happen....

Ito na ang ikatatlong Photo Series sa araw na ito...

 Playing bar-tending at Luneta

 Study group

The First LRT in ASIA and the cheapest transit in Asia.

So excited to go on my province in Pampanga tomorrow see yah there guys.

Reflection of the day.
To you to believe that there are no accidents in LIFE?
Everything happen for a reason..
Every people we meet will have a role in our lives,even its small or big..
Some will hurt you,betray you and make us cry, for us to became stronger..
Some will teach us lesson, not to change us but for us to realize our mistakes and
to help us grow and make us better person we can be..
And some would simply inspire and love us to make us happy,whole and complete!



  1. oi gudluck sa paguwin mo sa pampanga..mekeni mekeni

  2. @rico.. whahaa thanks tsong. mekeni means welcome wahaha :D

  3. mekeni! :) welcome pala yun? kala ko masarap in tagalog? hahaha :D sige have fun sa trip. :D

  4. naks! ikaw na magbabakasyon. enjoy buds :)

  5. tama :) all truly happens for a reason. ahihi~

  6. First LRT pala in Asia... galing!

    Anyway, have a safe trip. And enjoy!

    World of Vhincci

  7. i like the second study sila!

  8. wow Luneta..usual day yan ah may mga studyante pa... hehehe...

    at korek// everything happens for a reason... lahat may konek sa isa't isa... lahat ng kilos natin may equal reaction sa lahat.. :)

  9. has been written in the bible that whatever happens in our life, everything happens 4 a purpose.
    magandang araw.

  10. yun--lahat talaga me dahilan kung bakit nangyayari--ika nga nila--at the end of the day--it's the learning taht counts!!!:D