Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great Summer Love

Great Summer Love

LOve is undefined word for other people
But for some love is between two lovers
Who shared their dreams for the future
Great summer love for two persons of different race
Loving and understanding each other
Even thought they did not meet face to face
Great love for them
Waiting for the right time to come
To see each other for real
A great summer love
for they gioing are going to spend their lives together soon
As the sun shines and its rays give color to their life
How this lovers wish to spend each others time
Resting underneath the tree
Walking together breathing fresh see breeze
Dancing together with sweet music under the moonlight
Sharing each other dream as the wind whispers in theit ears
Come on and wake up, summer time has come.

Mula sa panulat ni LBB


  1. lovely post.. so chezzy!! love it.

  2. ang keso naman. pati yung nasa larawans. Ahahaha. :D

  3. Strangers ba yung picnicturan mo? Hala. Lagot ka! Hahahaha.

  4. sino si LBB?!

    tumutula kana ngayon ah! infairness ang napansin ko yung muscle ni kuya! wahaha