Monday, July 4, 2011

Book Launching: Career Success the 48 Cs by Ed Pilapil Jr.

One afternoon i received a email from one of my fellow blogger for the Book Launching it will be on July 02,2011 at Raffles Corporate center, Ortigas Center Pasig City.

At Event.

Its my first time to attend for a book launching kasi mostly mga shows or music/album launching ang mga napupuntahan ko pero ito its a book launching at natuwa ako kasi the book launching its about Success at take note itong libro na to eh parang katulad na ginawa ng mga sikat na leader or business coach katulad nina John Maxwell,James Garlow,Napoleon Hill at iba pang sikat na leader.

The Event start at 10:30 AM at its host by Francis Romero and he told a little background about the Author of the book.

Eduardo R. Pilapil Jr. or mas kilala bilang "Ed" ay isang  CEO ng Achievers’Circle, Inc (a business strategy company that designs strategic plans and coaching programs), Speaker at  Business Consultant/Coach.

At nag-aral siya sa University of the Philippines sa kursong Bachelors Degree in Communication Arts at sa Asian Institute of Management sa kursong Executive Masters degree in Business Administration.

At Sir Ed Pilapil is a former CEO of  White Beauty Philippines (Makers of Met Tathione).

At magkatapos ng isang maikling introduction ay si Sir Ed na ang nagsalita...

May mga ilang katanungan siyang ibinigay sa amin, narito ay ilan.

* Why people go to launching or events?
And He say not just to get a freebies but to know more people, like telling the simple qoute "SUCCESS is not only WHAT you know,but also WHO you know."

And after that statement we do a little exercise, its about knowing people in our place and i admit im so excited because all the people in my table is my 1st time to meet and they very cool esp Len (is a Sales Marketing)  and Mackie (RN) and isa sa mga nagulat ako sa mga kasama kung mga lalaki dahil na amaze ako sa kanila lalo na si Conrad who do a illustration of the book and Echo who is an writer of an IT Magazine.
Gusto ko sanay lumapit sa kanilang table kasi mostly lahat sila doon eh mga Photographer ang PhotoBlogger and they have a group in a photography pero ubos na ang oras dahil we have only 10 mins to do it.

After that Sir Ed discuss about how 48 Cs started from 3Cs-9Cs-20Cs-60Cs but he decided to make it 48Cs and just highlights the importants.

After that he discuss the How Success Started and what is the definition of Success and he say Success is mean desire and depends how you choose it and he say some diagram about success.


1.1 CHARACTER as Morality (means you have a Integrity in what you doing or what you say [meaning you have a TRUSTED] Ethics.)

1.2 CHARACTER as Distinctiveness (means don't ever compare your self to other people you make a own brand [ika nga nila look your own strength and magnify it].)

2.1 COMPETENCE And The Law of the Seed.
For everyone know what is the Law of the seed its talk about PATIENCE.

2.2  COMPETENCE And The Law of the Magnetism.
Its talks about the Law of Attraction (means what you think its will became to reality and make sure to do an action so u can aim it.) And if you what you to know about it, you can Watch the "THE SECRET" in youtube or you can buy a book of "THE SECRET".

2.3 COMPETENCE And The Law of Learning
Its talk about being a Change like in the book of Career Success the 48 Cs say Change is the only thing that does not change. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you will stop complaining and start preparing yourself to adapt.

3.1 Concern
Its talk about your crave: hungry for the progress like how much do you crave for improvement? how much do yu crave for achievement?

And after that short discussion we do a question and answer, after that he discuss the about another new book its MSSM(if im not mistaken) its about Passion and Machines, and  after that he signing our book and then we do picture taking as a group.

Sir Ed signing the book

Here some of the picture.

From left to right (Standing position)Cedie,Darell,Franz,Jaypee,Conrad,Echo,Mackie,Len & ME
(Seating) Cheska and Sir Ed Pilapil.

Mackie do short intro about herself and to the team.

By the way the book will be available in the bookstore in the second week of july.



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