Friday, September 2, 2011

The road I have Travelled

Habang ako'y nagbabasa ng mga old files ko sa aking mini journal book eh may nakita akong isang simple tula na sobra ganda at di lang yun talagang may kaunting kirot at aral kang matutunan.

The road I have Travelled

The road I travelled.
Bridges I crossed.
I've gone the extra mile.
I've come to many stops.
I had a few road blocks
toward what i thought 
could be the end.

But had to be brought back
A mile or two again.
So when closure comes
I do know what it will mean,
I'll finally have a peace of mind
I'll be able to feel, think, and breathe
I probably won't believe it.
I'll think it is all a dream.
And although the journey will have ended
I'll never forget what i've learned along the way
or how I learned to take it day by day.

Giselle Joyce Antonio



  1. Nice poem...nice photography...saan yan?

  2. wonderful poem! the message somehow relates to our pastor who had a talked a while ago in our church :)

  3. Hey! :) Sinama po kita sa Blogroll ko! :)

    Eto yung link:

    Yun lang po :) Happy blogging :) God bless! :)

  4. simple ang poem pero may kurot sa puso.


  5. oi lumelevel up na.. may kasama ng poem yung photo.. heheh