Thursday, September 8, 2011


Isa to sa mga naging favorte kung poem noong ako'y nag-aaral pa sa kolehiyo, ewan ko ba kung bakit siguro nakakarelate ako sa mga bawat salita sa tulang ito.....


The clouds are helplessly falling on the ground,
The weak human is crying without any sounds,
Crows are flying wthout nowhere to go,
The stars are falling down to slow.
Thousands of heartbeats ae pumping sa fast,
I can't hear my sobs as I reminisce the sinful past,
I was so cold that you hugged me tight,
And beneath your wings, I'll always be all right.
Fires are blazing and purple snows do fall,
Shadows ae lurking while fallens do crawl.
My tears are endless and it starts to bleed,
My holy sanctuary, you're everything I need.
This is the damnation we've been preparing for,
You told me our forbidden love is worth  dying for,
The Valhalla may not welcome us for our sanctification,
But our souls won't perish and it'll live till the last aeon.
I may be weak but I'll struggle for you,
And I'll do whatever I can to protect you too.
You'll forever be holy, my love,
The only sanctuary I have.
You hid me under your misty feathers,
There's nothing else we can do.
Either you'll be punished or you'll stay forever.
Yet I'll remain yours that will always love you.
This immortal passion of my bleeding heart,
Will be the undying sacraments that nothing did fall us apart.

Written by Nikky Ortuoste



  1. bagay yung poem sa background...

  2. Ang lupet naman nang pagkaka describe sa sanctuary.. I like it as well.. :)

  3. The weak human is crying without any sounds - - - so true...

  4. Bumped into this poem again. I can still remember how I panicked when I saw this online :)