Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Helios Project’s Challenge – Xtreme Photo Challenge: The Image Hunt

This is it!!  That’s the first thing that came out from my mouth out of excitement from Helios Project’s Challenge – Xtreme Photo Challenge: The Image Hunt.

Before the game started, we were divided into groups of five, namely: Team Effort, Team Hu U, and Team Late.  Each member has their own specific tasks in this challenge, the Team Leader, the videographer, the two photographers will be taking the pictures of the answers to every riddle given, and then lastly, everything will be documented by the bloggers in the team.

 The Team Hu U
(From left to right)Me, April, Bobbbit, Donna and Darell

I was part of the Team Hu U. The awesome members are: Bobbit Lim as the Team Leader and Photographer as well, April Ayala Dela Peña Photographer and Donna Marie Kiritharan as the blogger, and Darrell Baet as the videographer, and yours truly as the blogger.

Time Check 9:35AM

The challenge begins when they handed the riddle to us.  The riddles were really hard that your brains will be truly stretched out to their limits.  We were having fun though; we had different interpretations and answers.

First riddle (blue card), “Riddle me this, riddle me that. I’m sometimes loud and can make you nod. I give notes, and I can signal calls. But hault, without me your sense would haunt me!” Second riddle(yellow card), “Riddle me this, riddle me that. People often make me Jesus showcased me. You can’t taste the fruits f labor without my favor. What a mystery! Your brain can’t learn from mistakes without my pain and misery!”, then the last riddle (pink card), “Riddle me this, riddle me that. History saw my victory, Culture, Food and Goods? I shaped your world with my words! We have towns in almost every country and they all have our fortune cookies."

Our first card interpretation was a traffic enforcer, it was wrong, and then we guessed it is music.  We immediately thought that we’ll find it inside the church.  The next riddle was crucifix since we thought of the symbol of sacrifice.  Lastly, our answer was Chinatown.

One of the organizers told us that we can ask for one clue, so the team decided to take that chance and ask for a clue on the first riddle.  They showed us a picture of a sound mixer.  After getting the clue, we then head off to find it.

When we got to Binondo Church, Bobbit and April were busy taking pictures of the possible answers; Darrell was taking video of the whole church, while me and Donna are taking notes.  After Binondo church, we went to Chinatown to hunt for answers.  Bobbit took a shot of Redsun Chinese Drugstore (later you’ll know why he used it as the subject for the first riddle).  Later on, they found and took a picture of the crucifix at the corner of Pinpin Street.  We passed by the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Bridge and used it as the subject for the last riddle since it is a very obvious symbol of Chinatown.

Timecheck 11:15Am

To find other subjects for the second riddle, we went to Ongpin, Benavidez, and Soler Streets. At Soler, we saw fire trucks that our photographers instinctively took a picture of.  One apparent subject for the third riddle was the Chinese Temple, but the problem was, it was at the Recto area, quite far from where we are.  We were so busy looking for good subjects that we didn’t notice we were already reached Sta. Cruz Manila.  In Sta. Cruz, we saw different Chinese lucky charms and chestnut vendors that our photographers used as subjects. We also went in to Sta. Cruz church.

 In there, we saw a child selling sampaguita that we used as a subject as well.

We passed by one of the popular places in Manila, Escolta Street.  It used to be one of the main business districts in the day which is comparable to now busy Ayala Avenue in Makati.  Since we were already in the area, we scanned the place for some good subjects and here we found a little boy who is working in a construction site.

Our mobile phones beeped, it was from the organizers telling us that we must head off to Chickboy in Sta. Cruz for lunch. Aah…Food at last.

After enjoying a sumptuous lunch, we went to our final destination of the day, Quiapo, where we saw a number of probable subjects of epic proportions.

 Here we find the church of Jesus of Nazarene, street hawkers along Plaza Miranda, beggars, palm and card readers, and other amazing characters you can find in the streets.  It took us almost two hours to stay in the area taking videos and photographs.  It was also that time when the organizers announced the prizes and other gift items to be won.

Timecheck 3:25PM

We did our final brainstorming, sharing, and contributions for our project collaboration.  And here are our answers:

Blue Card

Construction worker

Given that music is a medium of sound and silence, I chose a scenario wherein a sound can be felt through silence. A photo that gives a strong emphasis on sounds such as the sounds made by the construction going on. Aside from that, the ear phones of the Construction worker conveys that music is something that everyone loves no matter what he/she is doing. In relation to the riddle, it is really something that haunts your senses.


Yellow Card


I chose a pregnant woman on duty because since she is having a baby, it is a sacrifice for her to work at her best and provide something for their future. Instead of resting and preparing.


The other Shoot for Sacrifice

Pink card

Chinese Stone Dragon Statue

 Something that symbolizes China. It play a big role in the Chinese mythology.


 The Arch of Friendship


Other Images credit to my Team Hu u


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