Friday, December 23, 2011

Luneta Park Revisited

Its been so long simula noong binisita ko ang Luneta Park, I admit medyo gumanda ang paigid nito at nadagdagan ng mga bagong atraksyon ngunit medyo na dismaya lamang ako ng kaunti sapagkat di ko na makukuhaan ng Whole shoot ang Isla ng Philipinas sapagkat nilagyan na nila ito ng isang bridge kung saan pude daw makita  ng malapitan ang mga pulo ng Pilipinas at may nilagay silang mga trivia sa bawat paligid nito.

Narito ang ilan sa aking mga kuhang larawan sa aking muling pagbisita sa Luneta Park.

| Luneta Park New Signage

Sign Post: |Luneta Park or Rizal Park is one of the historic destinations in the Philippines. It was named following the French language word "Lunette" that means half moon mainly because Luneta Park seemed like a half moon land even at this time. It has been set up during the Colonial Regime for the objective of some festivals and sometimes conducting a mass for the purpose of the people. 

Sign Post: |The park’s Rizal Monument, designed by Swiss sculptor Richard Kissling, is among the country’s most famous landmarks. All foreign dignitaries are required to visit the monument to pay respect to the remains of Rizal buried in the monument’s mausoleum. The bronze statue, made in Switzerland and remodeled by national artist Juan Nakpil, is famously protected by the Kabalyeros de Rizal (Knights of Rizal) who do not move all-day or all-night long.

| The Flower Clock
O mas kilala sa tawag na World-Class Filipino Bloom By Sculptor Jose Datuin

| The Gomburza Marker
Kung asan binitay ang tatlong paring martir na sina Padre Burgos, Padre Gomez at Padre zamora noong Pebrero 17, 1872

| The Diorama of Martydom of Dr. Jose Rizal
 Entrance Fee for Regular Fair Php20.00 / Student or Senior Citizen Php 10.00

| Flagfole (Km 0 Point of referenc from North & South)

|The Monument Of Dr.Jose Rizal

|Concert at the Park at the Rizal Park Open-Air Auditorium are performances provided for free to the general public by the National Parks Development Committee, Department of Tourism and the National Broadcasting Network.[9] Featured shows are a mix of performances from dance, theatre, to musical performances by local and foreign artists.

| Professor Ferdinand Blumentritt
The Bestfriend,companion and mentor of Dr.Jose Rizal in his fight for freedom and light.

| The Noli Me Tangere Garden

| The Tourist Train

| Relief Map Of the Philippines

A Project of Former Pres.Marcos executed by the National Parks Development Committee headed by Mrs.marcos with the cooperation and assitance of the Burea of Coast and Geodetic Survey,Bureau of Public Highways, Bureau of Forestry, Phil. Air Force, Phil. Army and Commision on Volcanology.

Jose M. Mendoza, who do thye sculptures
Ernesto GM. Villavicencio for the design.

Other Infos:
Fees and opening hours
Access to Luneta is free of charge, but the attractions inside it ask an entrance fee of P10 to P50. The museums charge more, ranging from P100 in National Museum to P350 in Manila Ocean Park (Click at the links of these museums to know more). Museums and attractions in Luneta are open daily except national holidays, between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The National Museum (open: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) is closed every Monday.

How to get there
Luneta Park is located between Intramuros, Roxas Boulevard, TM Kalaw Avenue, and Taft Avenue. Taxis (flag down rate: P30) from anywhere in Manila are the easiest means to get there. During rush hour (8-10 a.m., noon, 5:30-7 p.m.), the easiest way to get there is through LRT Line-1. The park is just at walking distance from the train’s UN Station.

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  1. tagal na akong di nakapuntang luneta. 10 years na ata or more. hahaha

  2. nice set. nag aral ako malapit dyan and andami na palang bago ngayon sa luneta. salamat!

  3. ngayon ko lang nakita yung clock. mukhang kailangan ko ng bumalik sa luneta.