Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Arayat Landmarks

The Famous "Bunduk Alaya" or also know as Arayat Mountain.

Arayat Mountain is likewise know as Mount Sinukuan,named after legendary goddess and enchanted lady, Maria Sinukuan. It has three peaks, the two highest of which are the Northern Peak with 1,086 meters altitude and the Southern Peak with 984 meters height. The Pampanga River has its bank at the foot of Mt.Arayat. One does not have tp climb its summit to see itsnatural beauty, for its centrally located in the region,so that one will inevitably enjoy its splendor as he travels along national highways of Central Luzon.

Arayat Institute, the First Highschool in Arayat,Pampanga

Adelle Grace Montessori School,Inc., Elite School in Arayat.

Ancestral house of Atty Mariano Samia, One of the Oldest House in Arayat build last 1895.

DAR Region Office

Municipal Office of Arayat,Pampanga.

The Newly renovated Plaza Glorietta

Paralaya Church, one of the oldest church


  1. 3 pala ang peak ng mt arayat, i thought 2 lang as seen from NLEX. Looking at the pictures, nakaka miss ang rural life.

    Daming subjects kang nakita sa photowalk mo dito ah.

    pasaling pusa minsan

  2. @jheg hehehhe thanks...

    @ollie... yea sure.. pagbalik ko... u want to join?

  3. sure, pero dito lang sa metro manila ha muna hehehe.. di ko pa keri ang macau photowalk hehehe

  4. @ollie.. waha di ko naman sinabing sa macau eh... magastos much hehhehee

  5. jan ba ginagawa yung Sinukuan Festival? what month yun? yun pala ibang tawag sa Mount Arayat.

    Naalala ko dati nag-swimming kami jan ang lamig ng tubig.

  6. @sey hehehe.. di ko po alam eh... tatanungin ko yan pagbalik ko sa arayat !