Monday, February 6, 2012

The Arayat,Pampanga Origin

The Arayat Pampanga , One of the place to go for relax, to unwind, and to eat some exotic food.

But before that, lets me tell you what the stories behind the Arayat.

According to the historial researchers gave different accounts to explain the origin of the name "Arayat".
First that Arayat was originated from the name of Fernando de Arayat, a Spanish ecomeindro whose birthplace in Spain was called “Arayat”. Over time particular researcher claims that the natives had transformed the word to “Daya”.

Second, the original vernacular name “Dayat” was derived from “dayatan” which literally means dry season rice crop.

Third, that Arayat was formerly known as “Alaya” or “East”. Thus, “bundok alaya” or “eastern mountain”  referred to Mt. Arayat. Likewise, this same source considers the word “Arayat” to be of Spanish coinage.

Fourth, that a contemporary researcher believes that Mt. Arayat and the biblical Mt. Ararat, were Noah’s Ark landed are one of the same thing which town was named. This does not account for the etymological background of the present name  and does not explain why another Mt. Ararat exixts in the Middle East.

Author Note:
Thanks to the people of The Arayat,Pampanga for the providing useful information.


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