Monday, February 27, 2012

The Gathering of Helios Project International for 2012

This is it!! The Helios Project International having a 1st gathering for the 2012!

Anu nga ba ang Helios Project International? According to the Admin of Helios Franz Lopez,The Helios Project, is the fusion of various Forms of Art and Mass Media with Photography as the Soul that binds these arts into one. And there more, Helios also have active members from the USA (California and Texas), Singapore, Dubai and even from Spain and Portugal!

This Helios Project International gathering was held during the Philippine Pyromusical Competition of UK and Spain last Feb 18,2012

First Stop over at Burger King, waiting for the other Helios Team

| The Helios Team

Habang kami ay nasa Burger King, Franz aka JohnLloyd taking a chance to discuss the plans for this 2012,
and ofcourse some out of town project.

And  it was my first time to meet Alex Narciso, Hillarie Danielle,Jarryd Ching,Reur Escartin Morada, Francis Bucao, and Jason Elazegui

We have no idea where to go after some chat and getting to know each other, we have to choose between Travel Expo at SMX or watch Unofficially Yours. Since the movie is blockbluster on that time, so we decided to go to Travel Expo at SMX .

At Travel Expo

We had our picture taking at the DOT booth with the fan sign "It is more fun in the Philippines" but unfortunately, photo's are not yet available since we used Justin's camera not mine =P 

 | The Goddess of Helios Hillarie Danielle  and April Ayala Dela Peña

| Alex Narciso and Jarryd Ching

 | Donna Marie Kiritharan, Justin  Joyas and Alex Narciso

| Master Franz having and argue with Donna Marie Kiritharan?

After the Travel Expo, we went out to meet the other Goddess Architec Rob and off we were to find a spot to watch the fireworks at.

Here's some pictures while waiting for the fireworks.

| Lets talk a about that later

 | The Los Amantes
 | Jason ready to shoot

 Master JL, What are you thinking about?

| The Fashion Model Hillarie Danielle 

| Donna and Josh

For the pictures of my fireworks shoot kindly go here

And after watching the fireworks we decided to pack up.



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