Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adamson University - Intramuros

One of the old University inside the Intramuros is Adamson University.

What is  the story behind this university? Why we can't see the old building of this university?

The old Adamson University 

Here some of the answer got from google.

What history behind the Adamson Univesity? According to the blog site of Adamson University; The Institution was founded in 1932 by George Lucas Adamson, a Greek national in the Philippines, as a School of Industrial Chemistry and Engineering. It was the first such school in the Philippines. The three Adamsons administered the school themselves: George Lucas was President, Alexander was Vice-President, treasurer and registrar, and George Athos was Dean of the College of Engineering. The first school building was located at San Miguel, then transferred to Intramuros, and during the war, to the E-building of Meralco.

Before finally settling on its permanent home along San Marcelino Street in 1946 after the war, the school had three different locations: Sta. Cruz (1932–1933), San Miguel (1933–1939) and Intramuros (1939–1941). In San Marcelino, the university expanded with the acquisition of the Meralco building in 1968 and the St. Theresa's College-Manila campus in 1977, both adjacent. 

And here the now of Adamson University - Intramuros.

What was the structure that was built on Adamson building?

Its the ECJ ,ECJ means Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. 

Here some of my some of ECJ Building.

The Augustinian Provincial House and the ECJ Building (Adamson University) on Sta. Lucia Street.

 ECJ logo seal 

 the amazing design of the front door of ECJ

The ECJ facade

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  1. I've always seen Adamson since my ex studied there.. XD I wasn't able to go inside though. Yun ang gustong gusto kong makita! :D

  2. Love the structures. I think my nephew tried applying her for college. But he passed FEU instead. :)

    1. ..really ? i am FEU student,i'm taking up Bachelor in Elementary Education major in General Education(Institute of Education-BEEDGEN) . . . I really really love Far Eastern University :)but, i want to try to study there at Adamson University the same course because I want to teach Elementary Student . . . I really really love kids !

  3. Nice post. Dyan ako nag-graduate (^_^)

  4. Wow, that's how Adamson looks like. Haven't seen it. hehe

    Thank you for the brief history of it :)

  5. Amazing how they get to preserve these century-old buildings. ;)

    --Not sure if it went through... So I reposted.

  6. Yoko na.. suko na ako sa taong to.. ang sipag talaga :D

  7. Nice. A brief ADMU history. Great pics as usual!

  8. what a beautiful old University building :-) Are the students rich to enroll in this University?

  9. nice shots it nice to see how they somehow preserve this buildings that reminds us of our heritage and history

  10. Oh, I've been to the San Marcelino campus when we were promoting the first Inkblots (campus journalism workshop) - never knew there were old buildings in other places back in the days.

    George Lucas? Fun! May the force be with them!

  11. cool! pero bitter pa rin ako sa ADMU haha

  12. so before ang adamson nasa loob ng intramuros?

  13. ECJ means Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. so now you know who owns the building. Please correct the caption of second from top photo. The Ateneo site and the Adamson site are two different locations, but they stand next to each other. The Augustinian Provincial House originally stood at the site of Adamson.

  14. beautiful many windows of opportunity :-) Dropping by from last weeks Wednesday Windows.

  15. The exterior of the ECJ Building is patterned after the Augustinian Provincial House, which was destroyed by the fire of 1932. The design of the Adamson building is different. All the structures of Intramuros were destroyed by bombs during WWII including Adamson except for the San Agustin Church. So this is not a centuries-old building. ECJ was built to look like the Provincial House as an effort to bring back the nostalgic feeling of Intramuros. ECJ bldg. has no connection with Adamson University. It is an office building.

  16. I still prefer that they use slilding windows as the original design was. This is my disappointment with such new buidlings being reconstructed in Intramuros. Barely can you see buildings with sliding windows made of capiz shells which were the in-thing of Spanish colonial architecture in the Philippines