Intramuros ay [(Latin) intra: within; muros:walls]. The popular name given to the walled city of Spanish Manila. The name “Manila” (it is claimed) derives from nilad, a type of mangrove that bore white waxy flowers (Ixora).

Luneta Park

Park or Rizal Park is one of the historic destinations in the Philippines.

MOA Eye At Night

Last February 18, 2012 nagkaroon ng isang munting gathering ang mga Helios para sa 1st gathering nito para sa 2012.....


Its time of Photowalk again actually its on my plan talaga na magphotowalk sa buong Mall of Asia sa loob mismo ng mall kaso bawal nga magtake ng mga pictures with the permission........

The Sunset

Sabi ka ni Adriaan Kortlandt “Once I saw a chimpanzee gaze at a particularly beautiful sunset for a full 15 minutes, watching the changing colors [and then] retire to the forest without picking a pawpaw for supper.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lasallian Centennial Culminating Celebration

Last June 15, 2012 , I was invited by my friend and a member of Powerhouse Project to celebrate and feel the Lasallian Centennial.

And of course, I won't let this celebration pass without being involved, right? Because this is one of Lasallians' most important celebrations.

Why? First off it's because this is the blessing of their new building which is named after Henry Sr., also known as Centennial Hall.

Why is it named after Mr Henry Sy Sr anyways?

This building is named in honor of the Philippine retail magnate, the Henry Sy Sr. Hall of De La Salle University is the major building under the Centennial Renewal Plan, a long term development master plan to rationalize the whole University's campus setup and respond to the need for more space for search and learning.

The renowned architectual firm Leandro V. Locsin Partners designed the Henry Sy, Sr. Hall.
The building is likened to a "habitable tree", a concept that seeks to capture DLSU's continuous and growing role in the Philippines education,as well as institution's stand on environmental responsibility and sustainability.

This 14-storey modern and eco-friendly building,will house academic service units,study area,learning spaces, and select offices.

|Sign Post :  First academic structure that will be rated by BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsible Design Excellence) upon completion.

After the blessing, I got I chance to hopping and enjoy the view of the whole De La Salle University.

 DLSU T-shirt

The Souvenir 

The Foodbooth Area

The cool game

Of course i will not forget to take a shot of the centennial tree

After this, i had a chance of having to meet other bloggers and the people of the strategic communications office.

Then after some bonding and freebies that they gave, me and Stephen go on to the Cultura Verde located at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall Grounds.

What is Cultura Verde? It is a showcase of talents of the Lasallian students from different schools.

It hosted by no other than the alumus of La Salle Red Lo & Fritzie Cabial.

The handsome and beautiful host of the night

I must admit, this cultural verde was so awesome not beacause of the beautiful ladies who danced, but because they really showed what they got, ika nga sa may mga X-factor ang bawat representative ng La Salle School System.

Here some of the photos of the Cultura Verde.

After this; we ran again to the next activity which is located at Teresa Yunchengco Auditorium.

What is the event there? its the LasalliaNation.

What is LasalliaNation? It is a showcase of Lasallian talent and contribution to nation building.

Some alumnus perform on the stage like Gian Magdangal,Francesa Farr,Cookie Chua,Randy Santiago, Etc.

After that we ran again, to go to the Amphitheater to watch the awesome and fantastic fireworks.

The program ended in singing the song of De La Salle Alma Mater.

Especial thanks to Ms.Marge Liggayu, Mr.Vin Ello, Mr.Stephen Pamorada for the awesome accommodation.

Animo Lasalle, Until next time!

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Video by : Stephen John Pamorada an AB-PHM student of De La Salle University- Manila and member of Powerhouse Project (An AXLPPI subsidiary)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Manila Metropolitan Theater

One of the most interesting art-deco building designed by the Great Filipino Architect Juan M. Arellano, the same person who designed the Manila Central Post Office Building and Jones Bridge.

The Manila Metropolitan Theater also know as MET, according to the historian there used to be an old theater during the Spanish colonial period ( Teatro del Prinsipe Alfonso XII ) which was built near the present day Metropolitan Theater . The old theater was the main focal building within the large and sprawling Plaza Arroceros in 1862.

In 1862, the Teatro del Principe Alfonso XII was opened to the public and several foreign companies were hired to perform operettas, zarzuelas and three-act plays. On June 11, 1865, “La Conquista de Jolo” was staged there and it glorified the military campaigns of Governor Antonio Urbiztondo in the south, in 1750. Another play dedicated to the Spaniards who waged war in Jolo, Sulu  “Una Pagina de Gloria” was presented in April, 1876.

One of four Siamese dancer

The MET opened its door to the public on the year 1931, where several presentations were held on its hall. But during the 2nd World War, MET was severely devastated. Through the effort of former First Lady Imelda Marcos, it was reconstructed on the year 1978. Unsettled issues between Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and local government of Manila lead to the closure of MET on 1996.

The sculpture of eve was done by the Italian sculptor Francesco Monti

Inside the Met Theater

 The MET Proscenium 

During its heyday, the theater could accommodate 1,670 people: 846 in the orchestra section, 116 in the loge and 708 in the balcony areas.

Some interesting art in the side of the theater lobby.

 The empty ballroom

The chandelier were made of wood and brass and was installed in the 1978 rennovation done by Mrs.Imelda Marcos.

 One of National Artist Fernando Amorsolo’s murals

 The Lobby

the interesting banana ceiling at MET Theater

Some amenities and interesting art-deco of MET Theater

The seating arrange 

MET Canteen

MET Entrance

 The terrace 

 The torch

Backdoor Entrance

| Post Sign : The Metropolitan theater was done by Arcadio Arellano ( brother of Juan Arellano ) Juan Arellano with collaboration with Francesco Monti for sculpture, Isabelo Tampingco for the wooden sculpture. 

I wanna thank Lawrence Chan of Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club, who conduct a free Postal Heritage Walking Tour which they held every third Sunday of the month. You may contact Sir Lawrence Chan at to join the trip.

By the way its one of my bucketlist! Atlast unti na lang! 

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Some photos by : Mathew Dumlao an Electronics and Communications engineering student who continually tries to find moments worthy of being captured. Member of Powerhouse Project (An AXLPPI subsidiary)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Manila Central Post Office | Manila Heritage Tour

Finally, this is it!! One of my bucketlist.. Natupad na rin.. Its been a long time since nakapasok ako sa building na ito, kung di ako nagkakamali grade 1 ako noong nakapunta ako sa gusaling ito. Ang Manila Central Post Office.

What is the story behind this Neo-classical  building? What is the history? What are inside?

Here are the answers to those questions:

Manila Central Post Office is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Manila,located at Liwasang Bonifacio Plaza (now known as Plaza Lawton).

This neoclassical architecture was designed by architect Juan Marcos de Guzman Arrelano,Ralph Duane and Tomas Mapua (founder of Mapúa Institute of Technology)  in 1926.

This building was destroyed during the world war II and was reconstructed last 1946 after the war ended.

Sir Lawrence Chan discussing about the History of PhilPost

What is inside the Manila Central Post Amenities?

The working place for the mails..

Warehouse Unit

The Postal Museum

The Classic typewriter

The evolution of Petron Gasoline

Inside Manila Central Post Office

Ground Floor : Bureau of Customs Office

The Stamp collectors, bidding for the stamp and postcard.

Lecture time for the Postal Office History and Manila History

The interesting neo-classical design 

Greek inspired Ionic Columns

Before I forget, I wanna thank Lawrence Chan of Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club, who conduct a free Postal Heritage Walking Tour which they held every third Sunday of the month.

| Post Sign : Sir Lawrence mentioned that the Post Office Building will soon be rehabilitated into a 6 star hotel by a foreign investor.

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