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Colegio de Santa Isabel - Intramuros

One of the first college for the girls inside the Intramuros, the Colegio de Santa Isabel or now know as Santa Isabel College(the college is now in Taft Avenue).

What is the history behind the school? What happen in this school? Why did they transferred in Ermita, Manila?

Well I will explore that answer thru some people and landmarks i saw inside the Intramuros.

According to Intramuros blog "In 1594, the Hermanidad de la Santa Misericordia was established with the expressed purpose of aiding the Hospital de San Juan de Dios. Later, the brotherhood took on the burden of being the patron of a school founded in 1632 for the daughters of military personnel who died without any inheritance to give. The college was initially housed in a private residence until a lot was found near San Agustin, along Real del Palacio corner of Recogida.

In 1733, the college received Royal protection. In 1800 the college boasted of capacious and sumptuous buildings. Damaged by the 1863 earthquake, the school was rebuilt. The following year administration transferred to the Daughters of Charity and in 1866 the Colegio de Santa Potenciana was merged with it. In 1882, the offices of Monte de Piedad were opened in the college building.

Because of the numerous donations and endowments, the college was perhaps the most important institution for women. In its first century of existence more than 3000 “isabelinas” passed through its portals. Under the Daughters of Charity the school was modernized, achieving a level similar to that in Spain.

In 1945, the college buildings were completely destroyed. The sisters transferred the school to a new site along Taft Ave. where it continues in its task of education. The ancient college had a miraculous crucifix called Cristo del Tesoro, because it belonged to the Royal treasury, the crucifix is in the chapel of the modern school edifice."

Here are some of the historial events that happened at Santa Isabel College.

  • April 6, 1594 – Institution founded as a Charitable Brotherhood
  • October 24, 1632 – Institution becomes the Colegio de Santa Isabel beginning its educational history
  • May 25, 1636 – Rules and regulations governing the college were drafted
  • March 25, 1733 – Philip V of Spain orders the college be called "Real Colegio de Santa Isabel" (Royal College of Saint Isabel)
  • 1852 - Isabella II of Spain orders the Daughters of Charity to the Philippines
  • July 22, 1862 – Daughters of Charity arrive in the Philippines
  • 1866 - Real Colegio de Santa Isabel merges with Colegio de Santa Pontencian
  • August 13, 1933 – A fire destroys almost half of the college
  • February 7, 1945 – A fire destroys the college during the Battle for the Liberation of Manila
  • September 14, 1947 – A marker is unveiled commemorating the new, English name of the college
Here the picture of now and then of Colegio de Santa Isabel at Intramuros.

Colegio de Sta. Isabel
The Colegio de Santa Isabel inside the Intramuros

The Colegio de Santa Isabel now (May 2012) is a parking lot

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  4. Sta. Isabel is one of the oldest schools here in the Philippines, i wanted to study there before but it was too far from our place hehe

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