Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Garnier's Event with Georgina Wilson

Last Saturday (June 2,2012) I headed straight to Sm Mall of Asia to attend the Georgina Wilson's Take Care Eyeball! Exclusive Meet and Greet!(Goodbye Crazy Breakout Remedies, Hello Garnier Pure Active!).

Im so excited on this event because I’ll be having the chance to talk to one of my ultimate crushes Georgina Wilson, and of course she will be sharing her secret on how does she take good care of her skin.

Here is one of the new product lines of Garnier called Pure Active which recommended for pimple-prone skin.

People lining up for the registration…for what? Of course, to take some photos with Georgina.
Oh by the way, these people who register are the same people who liked the fan page of Garnier.

After a few minutes, my crush is already coming.  She is wearing an elegant royal blue and white pants. And in my mind, I thought that she is really pretty even if she doesn't wear accessories at all.

Just like what the other guys are saying. She really pretty!!

First she talked about the crazy remedies that people do to treat pimples: toothpaste, lipstick, calamansi - I’m sure you’ve done at least one of these! Then she shared the good news with the launch of Garnier's newest line called Pure Active.

Garnier presents a more reliable solution for fighting the six skin problems that Filipinos face.  These problems include pimples, whiteheads, oiliness, impurities, enlarged pores and unevenness. With a breakthrough solution of natural pimple-fighting ingredients, Garnier Pure Active delivers visible results from DAY 1..

After that, she educated us on how to take care of our skin, we were given a chance to ask her some questions.

And of course i wanted to ask as well, but i preferred to do it later during the one on one session.

But here are some of the Questions.

Georgina answer the question 

Blogger : “Hi George! What is your regimen every night before you sleep?”
Georgina: “First I pray” (she smiled), then, “First I use cleansing oil to remove my make-up then I wash my face with Garnier and then I apply moisturizer to keep my skin moisturized. You have to always keep your skin moisturized. Thank you for your question”

Watson’s Consumer: What’s your night beauty regimen?
Georgina: "I make sure to take off my make-up; I make sure to wash my face. I also moisturize my face."

After this question the people giggled to take some photos from the crowd, because it’s time to take some pictures.

And of course, group picture with the fellow bloggers.
Thanks to Nicole for the picture

And there we go.  The event was so awesome!  Aside from meeting up with my ultimate crush, i got a chance to talk to her personally and ask a few questions.  And oh, just don't ask me what questions those were…it’s kind of personal haha...

Anyway, here are a few of the awesome goodie bags from Garnier.  Thanks to all the people i met; of course especially to Ms.Blanch of Geiser Maclang.

goodie bag from Garnier, 

Oh before i forget, Like the official facebook of Garnier Philippines

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  1. your now consider one of the luckiest guy lol
    i love her so much

  2. i have not tried Garnier products, the models skin is flawless, i might try to buy thier product too hehe

  3. wow! galing nman!
    nice experience

  4. ah.andun kapala.nagkita kayo ni Krizelle? (YOPHO) din sya and she used to represent me in some of the events I couldn't personally attend to :)

    1. ooh di ko siya kilala, sayang naman...
      ikaw na laging may correspondent...

  5. doggone.. kelan kaya may ganyan ulit si georgina? crush ko talaga yan eh.. hehehe

    1. hahaha di ko natanung kung kailan ulit di bale sasabihan kita pag meron ulit..

  6. Naiba ang hangin ah.. kala ko Intramuros ulit ;) Namiss ko kasi yun kasi d namin na bisita ang lugar na yun :(

  7. naks naman, nakatabi at nakausap nya si Georgina Wilson, ikaw na! :)

  8. I love Garnier, then again using it won't make me look like her! lols!

  9. Gorgeous Georgina! Ang swerte mo at may piktyur ka kasama niya! ヅ

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  10. pangalwang crush ko lang siya .. una ko si anne Curtis ..

    pero p*cha ..

    Ang gorgeous niya no :)

  11. Georgina Wilson's gorgeous! It's quite nice that she's the face of garnier :D