Friday, June 8, 2012

Miramar Hotel

One of the most interesting Art Deco Hotel along UN Avenue corner Roxas Blvd is Miramar Hotel.

According to site of Miramar Hotel, " Built in the 1930's in the Art Deco style and sensitively refurbished in 2009, the 5-storey Miramar stands out as an architectural gem, one of very few buildings linking bustling Manila to a graceful and elegant era."

Also according to my research the former name of this hotel was “Dutch Inn” Hotel .

The old color of Miramar Hotel

This art deco hotel designed by no other than Mr. Fernando Ocampo.

Who's Mr. Fernando Ocampo?

According to the wikipedia," Fernando Hizon Ocampo was a Filipino Architect and Civil Engineer. Born August 7, 1897, in San Fernando, Pampanga, he was the son of Dr. Basilio Ocampo and Leoncia Hizon.

One of Manila's renowned architects, Ocampo was educated at the Ateneo de Manila A.B., in 1914; University of Santo Tomas, Civil Engineering, 1919; and University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Architecture, 1921. Following his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, he worked in the office of Mr. Emile Perrot, an architect in Philadelphia, and then spent two years traveling in Europe, giving particular attention to architectural designs. "

"Many of Manila's finest business buildings and residences attest to Ocampo's ability as an architect and engineer. Among these are the Manila Cathedral; UST Central Seminary; the Arguelles, Paterno (later became Far Eastern Air Transport Inc. or FEATI), Ayala, Cu Unjieng and Cu Unjieng and Fernandez buildings; the Assumption Academy of Pampanga and the residence of Mr. Joaquin Baltazar, the latter having taken the first prize in the 1930 beautiful home contest."

So far this is only information i got, if you have any information about this Art deco Hotel, share it!

Here some of my angle picture of Miramar Hotel 2012

The interesting art deco design

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Old Photos Credit to the respected owner.


  1. mas gumanda ysa naung yellow na xa haha

  2. nakita ko n eto minsan ng nsa baywalk ako....

  3. ang galing pinoy pala ang arkitekto ng Miramar Hotel, 3 star hotel ba sya o mas mataas?

    1. yea 3 star hotel nga siya.. pero i dont know ngaun, kasi they renovate eh..

  4. akala ko nung una marimar hotel... akala ko ang info ay built para kay marimar, miramar pala. ahahaha

  5. Mas gumanda yun Miramar Hotel pag yellow kc na accent nya yun red lines sa gitna

  6. Oh, Ocampo. De Ocampo ako. Ok pa rin design.

  7. nasan na ung mga pagkain na inorder natin ? ba't wala pang post lol

  8. so Miramar Hotel is still situated there. palagi ko yang nakikita dati. oo nga, mas maganda sya ngayon.

  9. Love the rails on the windows! Andami na namang windows! ;) ;) ;)

    Mas tumingkad, mas kapansin-pansin!

  10. San ba to banda boss Axl? parang nakita ko to lately :D

  11. I love the way they recolored it

  12. Miramar naman ngayon, ibang klase ka talaga master... mahilig ka sa mga lumang building... good to know this kind of stuff kasi ako, I'm not aware na may mga ganito ka historical na bldg still exist inside the metro....

  13. nag-ninja move ka dito noh? haha

  14. i am waiting for you to do the Malacanang Palace.

  15. a very old hotel withstanding the times. nice!

  16. Wow. Miramar dates to as far back as the 1930s! We should all take pains to preserve architectural heritages like this.