Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PHL360 Degrees : The Ultimate Philippine Adventure Starts Here

I found myself in the realization of a dream of two creative and passionate minds. Ron Cruz and Franz Lopez came up with a bright idea of combining intense passion for travelling and film-making.

It seemed like wishful thinking at first when Ron Cruz and Franz Lopez thought of making a short film about backpacking. Ron is a highly followed travel blogger while Franz is a multimedia arts graduate wanting to joining Cinemalaya (Philippine's version of Sundance Film festival).

The short film became somewhat a longer project as Ron's dream grew bigger. He wanted to go beyond blogs so he tapped his fellow travel bloggers and made world wide web as his medium to showcase their adventure.

Now it's a reality series on the web packed with uncertainties and surprises. No, this is neither Survivor nor Amazing Race but a show about travel survivors willing to let their guards down for the thrill of a journey to the unknown.

Kick Off Time!

Filipinas Heritage Library, Makati City - A former airport runway proved to be the best place to celebrate the launch of adventure packed travel show online. Organizers certainly picked the perfect place to hold the event. "This is it!" was what my head screamed when I heard the Palanca and Cinemalaya Awardee, Lilit Reyes, introduced herself as one of the emcee for the event. With him was Santi Obcena, is a contestant in Project Runway Philippines.

Santi and Lilit

Lilit showed the audience a brief story as to how PHL360 began before introducing the people behind it all. Meet the crew starting with the Icon Traveller Nina, Upper, Franz, Justin, Liza Marie, Dave and Agnes.

Franz answer the question.

The whole event was undoubtedly fun-filled and full of surprises. I even won in their raffle! The festive atmosphere was heightened by Sruvaleh's live performance.

 Sruvaleh Band

The fun, thrill and excitement continued as they introduced the cast starting with Dom, Hannah, Robi, Monnette, Ron, Chyng, Robert and Chichi. Everybody was excited to see this part of the event not because they all looked beautiful and chiselled but because they were asked surprising yet simple questions that none of them probably anticipated.

The Phl360 Cast

The highlight of the kick off was an exclusive run of PHL360's first episode entitled "Road to 360". It showed each member of the team receiving the news that they're going to be a part of the online reality series, PHL360, and how their secret destinations were revealed.

Come! Live the adventure of the fearless cast and have the chance to see the Philippines in a different light. Log on to www.phl360.com. Premier on June 28, 2012.

Here some of the happenings!

 the artifacts things

 the war room

 the travel photos

 the unexpected question and answer

 Kuya Robert aka The Artsy Backpacker

This is what I won in the raffle

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  1. naks, nanalo ka ng prizes axl!

    si kuya robert yung sa art is cool diba?

  2. mukang reggae ung genre nung band

  3. This sounds like an exciting project/film...

    can't wait to watch it on June 28, trailer pa lang nila mukhang exciting na..

  4. hahaha..ikaw n..more powers s blog mo dude..:)

  5. wow! it is a must-see :) ang galing naman you won pa :)

  6. Congrats on winning the raffle! :D Btw, I'm excited to watch the premier of PHL360, lalo na ate Chyng is one of the cast.. haha.. Can't wait to see what places they went to and what happened along the way.. :)

  7. looks like it shall be one of a kind reality film especially that they're documenting travels in and around PI.

  8. yay! this sounds really fun and cannot wait for the finish project :-)

  9. First time to hear about them. Nice photos.

  10. Looks to me like everyone's filming (so much filming going on too in my playground this week). I like travel documentaries, think these guys are into something worthwhile and fun. And congrats on winning the raffle.

  11. wow.. ayus yung napanalunan mo boss... :)

  12. nice one bro! proud of you! keep it up! :)

  13. ang ganda nung napanalunan mo kuya. =D

  14. this show sounds promising. i hope i can also watch it online

  15. Si nina lang kilala ko dito...congratulations, ganda n prizes!