Monday, July 9, 2012

Pancake House since 1974

One of the best places to find pancakes and waffles, the Pancake House.

So far I have only dined in this place twice. "Okay" was the only impression I had during my first visit. If it weren't for the the unofficial meet-and-greet of bloggers in the metro, I wouldn't have thought of dining in again. After the second, I thought of it it as nice and awesome. So...what changed? Seemingly and truly noticeable was the ambiance (don't even bother asking what branch I dined in before). My recent visit obviously overruled the unsatisfactory experience I've had. Big thanks to the Pancake House located at 1/L Cinema Alabang Town Center, Alabang Zapote Rd. And because the meet-and-greet event wouldn't have been more interesting without the place where it was held, it sparked my interest to get to know how Pancake House started.

Being inquisitive and all, I asked the waiter and verified what he said based on publsihed articles the company freely made available to its customers... something most people would most likely overlook when giving out their orders -- the menu. The first line reads "It all began in the 70's, the decadent years when bell bottoms and platform shoes dominated the stress and blaring discos ruled the nights."

Definitely interesting. Check out some of the foods we had at Pancake House.

 Halo-Halo Jubilee
Php74 for the regular-size; Php89 with ice-cream; Php50 for the mini and Php63 for the mini size with ice-cream
(i choose the regular halo-halo)

 Adobo Sulipan Php197.00

Blueberry147.00 - 173.00
Sink your teeth into blueberry-filled pancakes with syrup
Serving choices: 2pcs. 147.00, 3pcs. 173.00, Waffles 168.00

If you want to try this yummy menu, you may call the deliver number (02) 842-2509.

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The history was from the Pancake House reference menu.


  1. I love Pancake House! When I used to hold office inside a gasoline station, I was just a few steps away from Pancake House branch. Love their Pork Vienna and Cucumber Shake. They also have a branch in Kuala Lumpur!

  2. when dining in pancake house, i only order their pancakes :) i like their syrup and likewise the blueberry filled pancakes

  3. Lage ko lang dinadaanan to sa tuwing nagagawi ako sa SM or Ayala.. Feel ko kasi same lang to sa ordinaryong pancake at mas prefer ko pa rin yung pancake ng wifey ko :D

  4. Halo-halo fan here. And yes, Pancakes by Pancake house is a sure filler.

  5. I've grown up eating at Pancake House. The one I frequent is the one in Alabang Town Center, which is acutally older than ATC itself. Dati, Twin cinema palang siya. I grew up with their Choco Marble waffles, chicken sandwich and choco milkshake. It's the one place that I still go for some good ol' comfort food.

  6. twice lang yata ako nakakain diyan at di ko na maalala ang na order ko. maliban sa ice cream.
    pero masarap.

  7. I always thought that Pancake house was just a young company. Didn't know that it started in the 70's. Anyhow, I love their food, especially their breakfast set.

  8. ayoko na sa kanila, di nila ako hinire, ahahaha

  9. yum yum i just had pancake for breakfast but common that was way better hoho

  10. weee.. ang mamahal naman... pero dahil kasi ay blackberry diba...

  11. Ang sarap nyang adobo sulipan... I know right? haha... balikan natin pancake house, pero dito na sa North dapat haha

  12. hindi ako palakain ng gulay so it's understandable din na hindi dapat ako mahilig sa green salad. pero when i tried eating salad in pancake house, tuloy-tuloy na. sarap na sarap na ako.

    so mapapakain mo ako ng gulay, pag salad at especially kung sa pancake house. yoyoyoyo