Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Changi Restaurant


"Changi Restaurant serves up Singapore-influenced cuisine, by our very own filipino chefs to suit the taste bud of the local and cater to the needs of travelers who are curious of what the Singaporean cuisine is like.
The restaurant's aim is to serve up quality food, making it affordable. You won't get the taste of such in a fastfood chain, nor will you have to overspend at a high-end restaurant.

The Head Chef is Greg, who has over 10 years experience & skilled in fine oriental cuisines. Greg's O-Kiam chicken is a must-try. So is his many soup dishes, you can add with a dash of black vinegar and a pack of brandy. We have 99 restaurant menu dishes with a Chef's Special dish every week to add to your dining choices.
Cook Rod is creative & innovative in his teaser dishes, order the Rhod's prawn special & Devil's Chilli Rolls to know why.
Cook Rose specializes in Singaporean cuisines like Black Pepper Crabs & Kangkong Belachan and sweetens you up with her desserts like Mango Crepe & Rose Mango delight.
And of course Cook Chard with our famous Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice, Pinoy Lechon and Lechon Macau for the meat lovers. He will be at the front counter to greet you with our team of friendly service staffs.
The owner is Nile in partnership with Singaporean businessmen Daniel, Gregory & Roy who believe in the potentials and talent of the Filipino people.

Isa sa mga nagbigay sa akin ng magandang mark ng Changi Restaurant ay ang mga staff at crew nito dahil sa sobrang bait at magalang. Di lamang yun pati ay mga may-ari mismo ng Changi Resto ay sobrang hospitable, sila mismo ang lalapit kung may kailangan ka.

Papahuli ba naman ang kanilang menu, isa sa mga naging paborito ko na ang Steam Prawn with Garlic at ang Sauted Squid with Sze Chuan Sauce, pagdating naman sa dessert ay ang rose mango delight.

Isa din sa tinitignan ko sa isang resto ay ang interior nito, dahil sa design pa lang alam mo na kung ok at swak sa budget ang isang resto, kaya naman tinanong ko ang isa sa may-ari nito kung bakit yellow and violet ang napili nilang kulay, sabi nila ito'y nagsymbol ng kanilang lucky color for the business.

Narito ang ilan sa mga menu at mga kuhang pagkain ng Changi Restaurant:

Some of the menu of the Changi

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The history credit to the Changi Restaurant


  1. hehehe naalala ko tuloy ang changgi ay isang airport doon sa singapore.. hehehe