Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hot Spot: Gerald dela Cruz

Who is called Gerald dela Cruz? Well, let me share to you lil bit how I met this man named Gerald dela Cruz.

We actually have known each other through group (Photobloggers Philippines) and boom dun na nagsimula, isa sa mga fave ko na kuha niya ay ang libingan ng mga bayani sa Taguig at doon nagsimula ang aming munting kuro-kuro sa iba't - ibang bagay interms of photography marami akong natutunan sa kanya, isa na doon ang pagkuha ng tamang concept sa landscape photography.

Tara samahan ninyo ako na mas kilala pa natin ang isa sa mga magagaling sa Photobloggers Group na si Gerald o mas kilala sa tawag na Ge.

Let now start the hotspot.

Full Name and Alias: Gerald dela Cruz | Ge
Location: Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Age: 24
Education: Licensed Electronics Engineer
Genre of your Photography: Fine Arts Photography

Tell me about yourself that people don't know: 
:: i sometimes have a sleep disorder called bruxism.

What is your current state of mind before we continue with the interview? 
:: calm.

How did you get started in photography? 
:: my brother in law had a dslr, i tried to use it and it was the first time i was able to hold and shoot using a dslr. i fell in love with the art of capturing scenes and still life, so i decided to get my own camera.

Did you go to school to study photography?
:: nope. you are lucky if you are living in this generation. where eveything you want to learn can be searched over the web.

What camera are you using?
:: nikon d5000. i'm on a low budget for photography gears. i only even use the kit lens (18-55mm).

How would you characterize the style of your photography?
:: fine arts photography.

Can you share with us some recent images?
And what's the story behind it?
:: this photo is about little people who are walking miles everyday just to get education. thinking that someday their lives would be different. i was in the same shoes when i was a kid. [axl, pls post the attached photo: "kids do dream"]

Who or what influenced you to become a photographer?
:: the beautiful things around us. they are bound to be captured.

How did you become a photographer? And When did your career start as a professional photographer?
:: i'm not a professional photographer. just an amateur. professional is somebody who do use their skill for a living. for me it's a hobby. a stress reliever.

How did you go about selling your first photograph?
:: i don't sell my photos.

What makes a good photographer in your opinion? 
:: a good photographer makes amazing photos. an amazing photo induces emotion. so when you look at a photo and you feel something, the photographer is good.

Do You Have A Favorite Walk Around Lens...If So What Is It?
:: i only have one lens. the 18-55mm VR lens.

Which one item of equipment would you say is the most important to you?
:: hmm. the camera?? :)

What is the most rewarding part of photography?
:: recognition maybe. but for me the most fulfilling part of the whole process is when you yourself fell inlove with the photo you made.

What is your most embarrassing experience as a photographer?
:: none so far. (this is becoming a slambook style huh)

How photography change your life?
:: i learned to appreciate the beauty of the mundane things around us. that even the weeds have their own beauty.

I know you been working with some of the famous and influential people in the country but may I ask whom do you wish/dream to work with and Why?
:: no, i'm not working with anybody. but given the chance, i'll take a photowalk with diane varner. she is one of the most talented fine arts photographers living, in my humble opinion.

What tips can you give to someone aspiring to be a professional photographer?
:: i'm not a professional. but to the aspirants, just keep on shooting, and try to look at things differently.

What are the best tools for a beginner to learn on (besides the camera)?
:: post processing tools like Adobe Photoshop.

What is your favorite image you have shot recently? Can you describe it’s creation in regards to location, lighting, composition, camera settings etc, also your thoughts when creating the image and what it means to you?
:: the title is "A Journey To A Better Place." it was taken on a grassland, i saw a moth caterpillar and i took the shot. i processed it by changing the color of the lower left side of the frame to make the grass look dry. the title will say what i mean with the photo.

What are the pros and cons of being a photographer? Please be specific.
:: for me the benefit of photography is to enjoy capturing scenes and still life; and to engage into a hobby so you won't take illegal drugs haha.
:: the con.. hmm.. some of your friends will ask you to shoot them on their wedding.. for free! hahahaha!

I know you like traveling for shoot or even for chill-out, can tell me where is the best place to be to do some shoot? and why there?
:: for me there is no one best place to take photos, every part of the world can be captured and can accommodate specific genres of photography.

What goal are you working towards within your photography and when will you know you have reached it?
:: the basic goal is to be happy. everytime you shoot, process, and produce images, and it gives you a certain level of excitement, then that's it.

What photographic organizations do you belong to?
:: none. haha.

Name a photographer you would like to take a portrait of?
:: diane varner

If you weren't a photographer or a multimedia artist, what would you want to be? Why?
:: i'll be an engineer. and i am.

How do you see yourself 20 or 30 yrs from now?
:: a professor. a pilot. an engineer. and still, amateur photographer.

What legacy you will leave on?
:: amazing photographs.

Any final message? Its your time to shine..
:: camera is like a paint brush. any real and great painter can paint using virtually any brush available. just like in photography, cameras and other gears you are using are just piece of equipment to create an art. every real artist focuses on the art and not on their tools. so my piece of advice is to focus on a genre of photography that you want to engage with, then open your eyes and try to look at things from a different perspective. only then you can create photos that you will love.

Here are some of the exclusive photos of Gerald dela Cruz for HotSpot

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