Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Casas Consistoriales (El Ayuntamiento de Manila)

An exclusive tour to the reconstructed Casas Consistoriales (El Ayuntamiento de Manila) more popularly known in pre-war Manila as "The Marble Palace." I now houses the Bureau of the Treasury. The current edifice consists of restored facade, Office the Governor General, the Grand Staircase, the Marble Hall, the Sala de Sessiones, two landscaped inner courtyards, and the Auditorium. The tour was made possible through the efforts of Mr. Rence Chan of FSCC, in cooperation with Atty. Raymond Tan of the Bureau of the Treasury, the Intramuros Administration and the City of Manila.

The Sala de Sessiones

Written By: Allan Martinez
Photo By; Axl Guinto

Allan Martinez is proud member of Powerhouse G5, working in a BPO industry.
Axl Guinto is a proud member of Powerhouse G5, working as a freelance photgrapher and part time web designer.

The Powerhouse G5 (PHG5) is the synthesis of the various form of bloggers,travelers,mass media w/ photography as the soul that binds these groups into one.


  1. mas nakaka-amaze cla sa shots mo kesa in person...ive been there eh...i had a seminar 3 years ago...

    ganda ng kuha ah...parang hindi sa pinas... parang sa spain na maraming spaniards...hahaha

  2. gaganda naman ng pagkakapinta!

  3. Akala ko minsan sa wall yung mga ceiling pala.

  4. Gaganda ng pictures. Alam mo bang mahilig din ako manood ng mga royal royal movies? HAHAH share lang. Lalo na pag mga British or European Empire. wala lang. Naalala ko lang dahil sa mga litrato.