Friday, January 18, 2013

Jenine Desiderio as Oryol in Ibalong The Musical

Jenine Desiderio is a former “Miss Saigon” fame will doing a Oryol to the upcoming musical in CCP the Ibalong.

Synopsis:  A dance-theatre musical interpretation of the Bicolano epic adapted for the stage by profilic playwright Rody Vera.  This stellar production promises to inspire and renew one’s faith in the power of the good. Using the yarn of legends it weaves a rich fabric glimmering with ancient truths. It shows how the battle between Dark and Light is as old as time but as relevant today as it was eons ago. It reminds us that all actions – however mundane – have consenquences. And that the pursuit of beauty and truth and goodness is daily challenge each and everyone of us must own. After all, Paradise is possible. We just fight for it.

Here some of the pictures of Jenine Desiderio for Ibalong (the musical) press conference.

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  1. mukang ok siya nakita ko na siya sa tv haha
    hmmm sexy at ganda pa din nya kahit aged woman na siya

  2. mukhang matanda n siya axl no pero mgnda pa rin

  3. I love her... She's talented and I think super underrated siya... I should watch this Ibalong...

  4. Maganda at sexy sya. Talented naman din yata :)

  5. nabasa ko ito sa news kanina...