Intramuros ay [(Latin) intra: within; muros:walls]. The popular name given to the walled city of Spanish Manila. The name “Manila” (it is claimed) derives from nilad, a type of mangrove that bore white waxy flowers (Ixora).

Luneta Park

Park or Rizal Park is one of the historic destinations in the Philippines.

MOA Eye At Night

Last February 18, 2012 nagkaroon ng isang munting gathering ang mga Helios para sa 1st gathering nito para sa 2012.....


Its time of Photowalk again actually its on my plan talaga na magphotowalk sa buong Mall of Asia sa loob mismo ng mall kaso bawal nga magtake ng mga pictures with the permission........

The Sunset

Sabi ka ni Adriaan Kortlandt “Once I saw a chimpanzee gaze at a particularly beautiful sunset for a full 15 minutes, watching the changing colors [and then] retire to the forest without picking a pawpaw for supper.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Remarks of the Musical Director/Co-composer of Sandosenang Sapatos

“Sandosenang Sapatos” marks another 2nd time for me.  It is my 2nd time to work on material by esteemed story-teller, Dr. Luis Gatmaitan.  As with his first material which I worked on in 2007, these two productions were composed earlier in similar formats – the former an opera in 20th century fashion while this one as a play with songs.  Lastly, this is my 2nd production where another composer is on-board and I am so honored to have collaborated with acclaimed singer-songwriter, Noel Cabangon.

Aside from these 2nd times, this production is also a milestone for Tanghalang Pilipino because it is their first sung-through children’s musical.  Layeta Bucoy, who I’m working with for the first time, wrote a libretto that was poetic enough so that even the parts that are supposed to be dialogues can be turned into songs; meanwhile director Tuxqs Rutaquio embraced the sing-through challenge with eagle’s wings.

This children’s musical may lead the public to think that it is just like any of other popular children’s shows or stage presentations.  But there are also moments that have challenged us, most notably with the very young actors, to tell a seemingly simple story in a powerful way through a wonderful blend of light-hearted and dramatic elements that are easy for children and adults alike to grasp, appreciate, and understand.

Composed intermittently over a period of four weeks, this production marks my 10th year anniversary with Tanghalang Pilipino.  Let me take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the company that took a chance on an artist who first started as a pianist for “Ang Negosiyante ng Venecia,” who then became audition pianist-arranger for “Himala (The Musical),” and eventually became musical director and composer in subsequent productions.  The journey has been incredible and to the wide array of artists that I have worked with, I thank you for allowing me to travel with you.

I dedicate this musical to my dear friend, Harry Dizon Rodriguez, for never losing his child-like disposition amidst adversities which eventually became my source of inspiration.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

YouTurn : Jaime Antonio I. dos Remedios

Jaime Antonio I. dos Remedios o mas kilala bilang Io, isa sa mga naging buddy ko sa mundo ng photography at syempre idolo ko din sya sa mundo ng pagdrawing, actually di ko rin akalain na magiging kaibigan ko siya hahaha, paano nga ba kami nagkakilala ni Jaime Antonio I. dos Remedios, simple lang naman, nagsimula ito sa isang year-end party ng isang photography group na Helios (miss ko na kayo) at sa baraha pa kami ng bonding sa kanya at syempre ang magdamagang o madaling sabibin na puyatan sa paglalaro ng millionaire game. Isa sa mga hidden talents ni Io (hidden pa nga ba?) sobrang galing niyang kumanta lalong-lalo na sa genre ng rnb o pop.

So paano simulan na nating ang aking munting interview sa nag iisang Io Remedios.

(c)Aviana Baladad

Full Name and Alias: Jaime Antonio I. dos Remedios a.k.a.  Io (Ee-yo)
Website/Blog: &
Twitter: @iodows
Location:  Manila, Philippines
Age:  20
Education:  Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts
Genre of your graphic illustration: I’m not sure if I really have a genre when I do my illustrations. Usually, I draw anything that pops into my mind whether it is cute and cuddly or morbidly gruesome and scary. The genre varies on what my mood is actually.

Tell me something about yourself that people don't know: I’m pretty much OC. I like keeping things in order (most of the time). It depends if I’m affected by the disorganized things or not. One good example would be like if there was a bag of chips on a shelf in the grocery that wasn’t aligned with the others; I’d align it right away. Haha!

What is your current state of mind before we continue with the interview? Chill. Right now, I’m chillin’ like a villain.

When and how did you get your start in the industry? I started the moment I entered my design foundation subjects in college. Other people may have started even before that but for me, it’s different. My works and illustrations are usually made if I’m in the mood. But that seldom happens because I’m more of a gamer rather than an illustrator. But once in a while, just to exercise my creativity, I try to find time to come up with new illustrations to be added to my collection.

Did you go to school to study this genre? I guess you could say that. After all, it was a requirement as well in our college to learn it.

How did you discover your passion for art? Was it always something you knew you wanted to do? Ever since I was a kid, I loved drawing; I’d even compete with my cousin and ask someone to rate who was the better artist. Since my mom is also a water color painter, I probably got the skills from her.

How do you define graphic design? Graphic design is immeasurable. No one can truly define what graphic design is because everyone has their own interpretation on what graphic design is.

How did you find your style? Has it changed since you started? My style definitely changed in the past years. I would really say that before, I was a mediocre artist. I would create artworks that were of satisfactory level. Now I could say that I’m more of an above average artist but I’m not a professional when it comes to illustration; I still have a lot more to learn.

What was your first ever illustration of, do you still have it, if not where is it? I’m not sure anymore. I wasn’t the type of kid who kept his drawings. If ever I drew something before, I’d show it off then put it aside amongst the pile of other drawings. They eventually got thrown out.

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from? I usually get my ideas and inspiration from music. Music sets the mood for me when I deal with art. I can definitely say that there is a link between illustration and music. After all, they’re both forms of art.

How did illustration/graphic design change your life? It made me want to travel more. It’s sometimes hard to come up with new ideas if you don’t change your surroundings once in a while. You can get new ideas from the people you meet and from the places you go to.

What are the pros and cons of being a graphic illustrator? Starting in the industry as a graphic artist/illustrator isn’t the easiest way to get money. You can create wonderful art but not everyone will appreciate your art. The good thing about being a graphic artist/illustrator is that you don’t stop thinking new things. Eventually, an idea pops out and suddenly you find the urge again. These ideas are not necessarily for creating arts. Being in the field of arts allows you think about the other things that affect the way you live as well.

Here some of the art works of Jaime Antonio I. dos Remedios

If you weren't a graphic artist/illustrator or a multimedia artist, what would you want to be? Why? I’d probably be a Child Psychiatrist. It’s so far from being a graphic artist right? Ever since I was young, I was the kid who all the little kids loved even as I grew older. I really don’t know why but it was quite easy for me to adjust to the younger kids.

What legacy will you leave? Hopefully, the legacy I would leave would be like those National Artists we have in the Philippines. I would create an artwork or a mural that would strike the hearts of our nation. Something that people would be talking about for the many years to come.

How do you see yourself 20 or 30 yrs from now? I think I’d see myself as an Art Director for a big firm or the owner of my own firm.

Your #1 art tip or words of wisdom.
It’s okay to have those seasons when you don’t feel like drawing or creating art. Stand up, go out of the house, and explore the world. Gather information from different people, different places, and different events. Look for the things that inspire you. It could be music, it could be food or it could be pretty much the oddest thing you could think of. Just remember, create art at your own pace.

Any final message? Its your time to shine.. Do what you love, love what you do. I know it’s cliché but that’s what happy people do. Just make sure that those things don’t affect the people who love you because they’re the ones who will support you till the end.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Premier Gala Magazine to hold the first ever Gala Awards

In light of its grand launching, Gala, the country’s premier events magazine, is kicking off their first ever Gala Awards on July 6, 2013 at 1Esplanade.

Gala Awards (pronounced as in the Tagalog word ga-la,which means wanderer) aims to acknowledge the efforts and hard work of all the people in the event-organizing industry by holding a special and very much-deserved night of recognition for them.

We have chosen the top events of last year based as well as the most outstanding teams behind these events. Awardees were based on their consistency, production quality, audience reception, and effectiveness in promotions. Event awardees shall come in random variety: Culture, Business, Health and Fitness, and Special Interest.

“We often see all kinds of events being put up one after the other but we seldom stop and really think about the hard labor that comes with it to make it all possible and successful for their audience. We recognize that, and it’s about time that they’d be
recognized as well. Hopefully, we can do this annually for them,” says Verniece Zamora, Executive Editor of Gala.

Aside from awards and recognitions, performances by the local showbiz industry’s creams of the crop are also set to stage the night’s stage on fire. A mini-exhibit will also take place simultaneously outside the venue showcasing Gala’s growth and evolution from its first issue down to its anniversary offering.

Gala is the first magazine title under Northpoint Publishing Inc. that caters to the adventurous spirit of young Filipinos.

Visit Gala’s Facebook page at 
or log on to its official website at for more information and further announcements.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Candidates of the Mr and Miss Chinatown Philippines

Mr Chinatown Philippine Candidates
First time in the Philippine Television to air the first ever search for the "Mr and Miss Chinatown" this coming 30 of June.

What is to a meeting of two cultures with shared values, “the search will redefine Filipino-Chinese beauty, pave the way for better business relations, and realize cultural and artistic goals,” said Alexis Sy Go, the National Director for Mr. and Miss Chinatown Philippines 2013.

During the launch held in Binondo, Manila, a total of 32 Filipino-Chinese candidates, split equally between females and males, aged 18 to 25, were formally presented to the media and will compete for the prestigious title to represent the Filipino-Chinese community in the country by the end of the month.

Miss Chinatown Philippines
The female candidates include Jerene Tan, Robylyn Kimberly Tan, Michelle Marie Sy, Rolini Lim Pineda, Jamie Chua Reyes, Lhowelle Lyka Tan, Sheryl Elaine Chua, Samantha Jade Dy, Maricon Cho, Hannah Dy, Frances Elaine Cham, Kimberly Nicole Ang Mas, Aeryka Chua, Catrina Myka De Guzman Ang, Catherine Yao, and Anna Patricia Baesa Tan.

Meanwhile, the male candidates will be represented by Oliver Chen, Glenn Kevin Choa, Sydney Du, Glenn Andrew Magante, Josse Miguel Lasala, Alvis Lim, Jaime Ripoll, Randy See, Bruce Willis Wo Sing, John Christopher Sy, Arthur Emmanuel Tan, Frederick Jan Bee Tan, Jerome Edward Tan, Sheng-han Yang, Francis Kevin Yao, and John Patrick Yap.

The candidates from the “Mr and Ms Chinatown,” according to organizers, are a strong mix of contemporary men and women that come from some of the country’s most prestigious universities such as the Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, the University of Santo Tomas, and the University of Asia and the Pacific, majoring in a wide range of specialized courses from Entrepreneurial Management to Psychology, and even to Interior and Fashion Design.

ABS-CBN and the Miss Chinatown Foundation deem this as an event to open doorways towards unified communities and better goals—beginning with a celebration of the shared values of the Filipino and Chinese communities and cultures, ultimately geared towards strengthening the fusion of the two in honing and shaping the potential of this generation.

Watch out for the Grand Coronation set this month and will air live on ABS-CBN. For additional details and information, follow @MsandMissChinatown on Twitter and Instagram, or visit the official Facebook page of Mr. and Miss Chinatown Philippines 2013 a

Before end of the month i will post my interview to the Mr and Miss Chinatown Philippines.

For more photos of the Mr and Miss Chinatown Philippines just like us of facebook at AXL Powerhouse

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Philippine Volcanoes Meet and Greet at Fila Store

Last 15 of June 2013 nagkaroon ang iyong lingkod na maimbitahan para sa meet and greet mga ilang membro ng Philippine Volcanoes.

Anu nga ba ang Philippine Volcanoes?

The Philippine national rugby union team, nicknamed the "Volcanoes" represents the Philippines in international rugby union. The Philippines have yet to make their debut at the Rugby World Cup, but have been playing in the Asian 5 Nations tournaments since its inception in 2008. Currently they are the reigning Division I champions and are promoted to the top 5 for the 2013 tournament.

Here some of the capture moments at Meet and Greet.

Coach Michael Letts  and Patrice Olivier looking for the best Fila Tshirt.

Kenneth Stern , Michael Letts and Gareth Holgate

Sean Lynch and Alex Aronson

 Philippine Volcanoes meet and greet with the fans

The Philippine Volcanoes wacky shoot
Joseph Matthews, Alex Aronson,Sean Lynch, Matt Saunders,
Oliver Saunders, Patrice Olivier, Gareth Holgate, Michael Letts, Kenneth Stern

Fila Philippines is a sponsor of the Philippine National Rugby Union Team for this year.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tanghalang Pilipino Wins Big at Philstage Gawad Buhay

Tanghalang Pilipino bagged both Outstanding Play and Outstanding Musical Production awards with Doc Resureccion: Gagamutinang Bayan, and Stageshow at the 2012 PhilstageGawadBuhay held last Sunday at the Star Theater, CCP Complex, Pasay City.

Directed by TanghalangPilipino’s Associate Artistic Director Tuxqs Rutaquio and featuring Tanghalang Pilipino’s Actors Company, Doc Resureccion: Gagamutinang Bayan triumphed over its fellow Tanghalang Pilipino offering Walang Kukurap, PETA’s Haring Lear and Bona and Repertory Philippines’ Next Fall and afforded LayetaBucoy the Outstanding Original Script award.

TanghalangPilipino’s musical Stageshow, aside from being adjudged as the Outstanding Musical Production garnered a total of nine awards including the Outstanding Ensemble Performance for a Musical, Outstanding Stage Direction for Chris Millado, Outstanding Book or Original Libretto for the late Mario O’Hara, Outstanding Choreography for a Play or Musical for Denisa Reyes, Outstanding Sound Design for TJ Ramos, Outstanding Female Lead Performance in a Musical for ShamaineCenteneraBuencamino, Outstanding Female Featured Performance in a Musical for Angelina Kanapi, and Outstanding Male Featured Performance in a Musical for Rody Vera.

Not to be outdone, Tanghalang Pilipino’s Walang Kukurap won the Outstanding Ensemble Performance for a Play besting PETA’s Bona and Repertory Philippines’ Next Fall.

Tanghalang Pilipino’s founder Nonon Padilla was given the Lifetime Achievement Award together with Fides CuyuganAsencio and Denisa Reyes.

For more information about the Tanghalang Pilipino like there social media account.
Twitter @TanghalangPil
Youtube tanghalangpilipinotv

Monday, June 17, 2013

The New Ambassador of Happiness and the New 300ML of Coca-Cola

Noong nakaraang 8 ng Hunyo 2013, ipinakita na kung anu nga ba ang laman ng isang misteryosong kahon na mula. Pero syempre bago magsimula ang program nagkaroon muna ng isang munting trivia sa pangunguna ng teen hearthrob na si Robi Domingo, na siyang nagbigay buhay sa mga kababaehan sa loob ng Market-Market.

 Robi Domingo with the Execute Ms. Benitez

Robi Domingo ask the audience what are they favorite Glee song and star, here some of the fanatic of the Glee also know ask Gleek.

Pagkatapos malaman kung sinu-sinu nga ba ang paborito nilang mga Glee Star nagsimula na sila Robi na magcountdown sa misteryosong kahon ng Coca-Cola.

Eksaktomg alas dos ng tanghali ng buksan nila ang mistersoyong malaking pulang kahon.

Pagkatapos nito ay ipinakilala na sa madlang pipol kung sinu nga ba sa mga Glee Star ang bagon g membro ng Coke happiness..

Ang nasabing pagpapakilala ay ihost ng isang nakapagandang celebrity na si Iya Villania.

 Joseph Marco. Enchong Dee, Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes and Iya Villania

At narito na nga ang mga bagong mukha ng Coca-Cola Happiness.

Jacob Artist

Melissa Benoist

Dean Geyer

 Becca Tobin

Narito ang ilan mga eksena sa Coca-cola 300ML launch.

So anu pa hinihintay mo subukan mo na ang bagong coca-cola mismo sa halagang Php 10.00 at mabibili ito sa iyong mga suking tindahan.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Showbiz Royalty Julia Barreto sasabak sa kanyang unang MMK

Isa sa mga most promising teen-star ng kapamilya ngaun ay ang Showbiz Royalty na si Julia Barreto.

Ngaun darating na sabado siya naman ang bibida sa kanyang kauna-unahang Maalala Mo Kaya, ito'y espesyal na handog ng MMK para sa araw ng mga ama.

Ang AXLPPI ay nagkaroon ng pagkakataon para makapanayam ang teen star.

Narito ang ilan sa mga katanungan.

Yung nalaman mo na may gagawin kang MMK anu yung unang reaksyon mo dito?

Napa-oo na po ako agad kasi pangarap ko po talaga ito. Pero at the same time po, kinakabahan din ako dahil napakalaking responsibilidad po para sa akin na mabigyan ng isang episode sa ‘MMK.

Paanu ka nakakarelate sa role mo bilang Alex sa MMK.

Video uploading asap.

Anu ung sa tingin mo yung magreremark sa tao sa pagganap mo sa MMK?

Julia B: I think yung last scene because yun na yung malalaman yung important event kay Alex(role na ginagampanan ni Julia).

 Anu yung lesson o moral value na natutunan mo sa MMK?

Julia B: Forgiveness.

Anu yun dream role mo?

I want something like Anak(movie),yung parang role ni tita Claudine.

Makakasama ni Julia sa kanyang kauna-unahang “MMK” episode sina Ara Mina, James Blanco, Jacob Dionisio, Tommy Abuel, Manuel Chua, Kristoff Meneses, Marikit Morales, at Yda Yaneza. Ito ay sa ilalim ng pananaliksik ni Akeem Jordan del Rosario, panulat ni Mark Angos, at direksyon ni Dado Lumibao.

Julia asks for everyone's feedback by including #MMKJulia and #MMK on their facebook status and twitter updates.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Unisilver Time Introduced the Newest Collections and Newest Timebassadors

Markki Stroem sing the song Diamond
Ipinakilala na ng Unisilver Time ang kanilang pinakabagong koleksyon at ang bagong Timebassadors noong nakaraang 7 Hunyo 2013, ginanap ang nasabing pagpapakilala sa  Music Hall ng SM Mall of Asia.

Pero bago pa ipakilala ang kanilang pinakabagong Timebassadors nagkaroon muna ng isang nakagandang fashion show kung saan ipinakita ng UniSilver Time ang mga bagong koleksyon nito.

Ang tema ng Unisilver Time fashion event ay walang iba kungdi "TimeLine".

Bago magsimula ang programa ay kinantahan muna ang mga manood ng nag-iisang Jazz Singer na si Markki Stroem, ilan sa mga kantang kinanta ay Call Me Maybe, Diamond, pagkatapos ng kanyang stint ay nagsimulan na ang program na hinost naman ng Radio Dj na si DJ Chloe at DJ Martin.

Unang sumalang sa pagrampa ay ang nag-iisang Sam Milby.

Pagkatapos niya ay ang pagpapakita ng mga latest collection ng Unisilver.

Narito ang ilan sa mga lastest Collection ng Unisliver.

At narito naman ang upclose shoot ng Unilsilver Time Watch.

At narito ang ilan sa mga Unisilver Timebassadors.

The Newest Young Timebassadors na sina Enzo Pineda, Teejay Marquez, Joshua Dionisio and others.

At syempre ang pinakahighlight ng gabi ang bagong membro at Unisilver Timebassadors na si Karylle.

Karylle sing OMG!
Salamat sa Unisilver Time, Jhong Medina, Kenneth Montegrande at Gian Carlo sa masayang imbitasyon na ito.