Sunday, June 23, 2013

YouTurn : Jaime Antonio I. dos Remedios

Jaime Antonio I. dos Remedios o mas kilala bilang Io, isa sa mga naging buddy ko sa mundo ng photography at syempre idolo ko din sya sa mundo ng pagdrawing, actually di ko rin akalain na magiging kaibigan ko siya hahaha, paano nga ba kami nagkakilala ni Jaime Antonio I. dos Remedios, simple lang naman, nagsimula ito sa isang year-end party ng isang photography group na Helios (miss ko na kayo) at sa baraha pa kami ng bonding sa kanya at syempre ang magdamagang o madaling sabibin na puyatan sa paglalaro ng millionaire game. Isa sa mga hidden talents ni Io (hidden pa nga ba?) sobrang galing niyang kumanta lalong-lalo na sa genre ng rnb o pop.

So paano simulan na nating ang aking munting interview sa nag iisang Io Remedios.

(c)Aviana Baladad

Full Name and Alias: Jaime Antonio I. dos Remedios a.k.a.  Io (Ee-yo)
Website/Blog: &
Twitter: @iodows
Location:  Manila, Philippines
Age:  20
Education:  Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts
Genre of your graphic illustration: I’m not sure if I really have a genre when I do my illustrations. Usually, I draw anything that pops into my mind whether it is cute and cuddly or morbidly gruesome and scary. The genre varies on what my mood is actually.

Tell me something about yourself that people don't know: I’m pretty much OC. I like keeping things in order (most of the time). It depends if I’m affected by the disorganized things or not. One good example would be like if there was a bag of chips on a shelf in the grocery that wasn’t aligned with the others; I’d align it right away. Haha!

What is your current state of mind before we continue with the interview? Chill. Right now, I’m chillin’ like a villain.

When and how did you get your start in the industry? I started the moment I entered my design foundation subjects in college. Other people may have started even before that but for me, it’s different. My works and illustrations are usually made if I’m in the mood. But that seldom happens because I’m more of a gamer rather than an illustrator. But once in a while, just to exercise my creativity, I try to find time to come up with new illustrations to be added to my collection.

Did you go to school to study this genre? I guess you could say that. After all, it was a requirement as well in our college to learn it.

How did you discover your passion for art? Was it always something you knew you wanted to do? Ever since I was a kid, I loved drawing; I’d even compete with my cousin and ask someone to rate who was the better artist. Since my mom is also a water color painter, I probably got the skills from her.

How do you define graphic design? Graphic design is immeasurable. No one can truly define what graphic design is because everyone has their own interpretation on what graphic design is.

How did you find your style? Has it changed since you started? My style definitely changed in the past years. I would really say that before, I was a mediocre artist. I would create artworks that were of satisfactory level. Now I could say that I’m more of an above average artist but I’m not a professional when it comes to illustration; I still have a lot more to learn.

What was your first ever illustration of, do you still have it, if not where is it? I’m not sure anymore. I wasn’t the type of kid who kept his drawings. If ever I drew something before, I’d show it off then put it aside amongst the pile of other drawings. They eventually got thrown out.

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from? I usually get my ideas and inspiration from music. Music sets the mood for me when I deal with art. I can definitely say that there is a link between illustration and music. After all, they’re both forms of art.

How did illustration/graphic design change your life? It made me want to travel more. It’s sometimes hard to come up with new ideas if you don’t change your surroundings once in a while. You can get new ideas from the people you meet and from the places you go to.

What are the pros and cons of being a graphic illustrator? Starting in the industry as a graphic artist/illustrator isn’t the easiest way to get money. You can create wonderful art but not everyone will appreciate your art. The good thing about being a graphic artist/illustrator is that you don’t stop thinking new things. Eventually, an idea pops out and suddenly you find the urge again. These ideas are not necessarily for creating arts. Being in the field of arts allows you think about the other things that affect the way you live as well.

Here some of the art works of Jaime Antonio I. dos Remedios

If you weren't a graphic artist/illustrator or a multimedia artist, what would you want to be? Why? I’d probably be a Child Psychiatrist. It’s so far from being a graphic artist right? Ever since I was young, I was the kid who all the little kids loved even as I grew older. I really don’t know why but it was quite easy for me to adjust to the younger kids.

What legacy will you leave? Hopefully, the legacy I would leave would be like those National Artists we have in the Philippines. I would create an artwork or a mural that would strike the hearts of our nation. Something that people would be talking about for the many years to come.

How do you see yourself 20 or 30 yrs from now? I think I’d see myself as an Art Director for a big firm or the owner of my own firm.

Your #1 art tip or words of wisdom.
It’s okay to have those seasons when you don’t feel like drawing or creating art. Stand up, go out of the house, and explore the world. Gather information from different people, different places, and different events. Look for the things that inspire you. It could be music, it could be food or it could be pretty much the oddest thing you could think of. Just remember, create art at your own pace.

Any final message? Its your time to shine.. Do what you love, love what you do. I know it’s cliché but that’s what happy people do. Just make sure that those things don’t affect the people who love you because they’re the ones who will support you till the end.