Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Erik Santos' Collection and Anniversary Concert

Happy and glad to meet one of the best singer in the country and this is no other than Erik Santos.

In this event we talk about the album of Erik Santos which is The Erik Santos Collection: Timeless Movie and TV Theme songs which is a 2-CD album with 30 tracks including all songs he recorded over the 10 years he has been in the business and ofcourse the series of concert and shows at U.S on August and September 2013 and the highlight of the year Erik’s 10th year anniversary concert at the PICC on 09 Nov 2013.

Here some of the photos of Erik Santos during the bucket interview.

Erik Santos Gives Back to the fans

"My fans who keep me going, they are important because they’re the ones who listens to my songs. Without them nobody will be support me anymore or appreciate my performances and all the things that I can do best," as he talks about what drives him to do more. Beyond his achievements, his family as his support system keeps him grounded. “Dun ko nakuha ang simplicity and humility because I know in showbiz, everything is temporary."

"Sa fans talaga ang isa sa mga nagbibigay ng lakas sa akin para kumanta at gumawa ng album.."

"Isa sa mga support system ko ang family ko dahil kung wala ka na sa showbiz adyan parin ang family ko."

Erik Santos also known as the Prince of Pop and the King of Teleserye Themesongs includes songs like Pagbigyang Muli, Kulang Ako Kung Wala Ka, Sana Ikaw, and I Will Never Leave You from equally unforgettable TV dramas like Maria La Del Barrio, My Binondo Girl, Guns & Roses and Green Rose, respectively in the album.

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