Monday, September 16, 2013

Hot Spot : Chelsea Anne P. Bandong

Chelsea Anne P. Bandong o mas kilala bilang General Chelsea sa mundo ng tumblr,isa sa mga tinuturing "Princess of double Long Exposure" sa mundo ng tumblr, sinu nga ba ang di makakakilala sa isang dalagang ito, unang pasok ko pa lamang sa mundo ng site niya nabighani na ko sa ganda ng kanya mga kuha! Akalain mo yun! Madalaang lang kami magkita nito ni Chelsea kahit na ilang beses ko na siyang naiimbitahan sa mga munting photowalk, minsan nga nakakatampo na eh, di biro lamang, alam ko naman na madami rin siyang mga ginagawang mga bagay-bagay.

At sa kanya din ako minsan nagpapaturo ng ilan mga technique para sa paggawa ng double long exposure.

So paano simulan na natin kilalanin ang "Princess of double Long Exposure" na si Chelsea Anne P. Bandong.

Full Name and Alias: Chelsea Anne P. Bandong / C.A.
Location: Makati City
Age: 20 years young
Education: Far Eastern University – Manila, BS Nursing (Graduate)

Genre of your Photography: I’m not really limiting myself into a certain genre, but most of my shots fall on these categories--Night Photography, Landscape/Cityscape, Experimental/Conceptual

Tell me about yourself that people don't know: Two random things: Communication Arts was my first choice entering college. I’m a Registered Nurse.

What is your current state of mind before we continue with the interview? Looking at the glass half full.

How did you get started in photography? A quick timeline: The interest started with my Phone camera (2007 or so) then transitioned into Point-and-Shoot (2010, where I learned the basics of taking shots)

Did you go to school to study photography? Nope. But maybe someday.

What camera did you use? GEX5 (P&S) & Canon 1100D

How would you characterize the style of your photography? Freezing moments and sights there is :D

Can you share with us some recent images? And what's the story behind it?

The Trees at Bonifacio Global City, May 2013. This was taken during a night photowalk with my bestbud. A breather from my hectic review days.

#ScrapPork l Million People March, August 2013. I made my voice against the screwed up Pork Barrel system be heard.

Who or what influenced you to become a photographer? My first ever long exposure shot triggered my taste for clicking the shutter.

How did you become a photographer? And when did your career start as a professional photographer? If it’s the getting-to-be-serious take on photography we’re talking about, it all started during the last quarter of 2011. The time I decided to explore my point-and-shoot further. PRO is one big word for me, I’m not even close to it I guess. Having due respect to those who really are.

What makes a good photographer in your opinion? Open-minded and Assertive. Some decisive moments may only last for a split-second.

Which one item of equipment would you say is the most important to you? Of course The Camera + Lens would come first. So the second would be--considering my love for night shots--my Tripod.

What is the most rewarding part of photography? The magnanimous inspiration and story every shot brings.

What is your most embarrassing experience as a photographer? Maybe it would be the first “BAWAL MAGSHOOT DITO” reprimand I got from an Ayala guard.

How photography change your life? It challenges the creative side of me, ergo, letting me go outside the box to explore the world around me and discover new perspectives.

I know you been working with some of the famous and influential people in the country but may I ask whom do you wish/dream to work with and Why? The President (may it be P-Noy or whoever will take his place in the future), Miriam Defensor Santiago and Eleandre Basino Buendia.

What tips can you give to someone aspiring to be a professional photographer? The best way to learn is to expose one’s self in reality. Reading materials would help but on-the-go experience will always be the x-factor.

What are the best tools for a beginner to learn on (besides the camera)? Manual (yep, yep, hooray!) Photography-related reads or photo blogs of the genre they want to specialize in.

What is your favorite recent image you have shot recently? Can you describe its creation in regards to location, lighting, composition, and camera settings etc, also your thoughts when creating the image and what it means to you?

”Kidlat” (2013) photographed with Canon 1100D. It was hard shooting this sight using my point-and-shoot back then. I’ve always wanted to photograph one; fortunately, I got three on the first try. Just geared up with my tripod at our veranda, adjusted the setting to Manual: f/25 30” ISO400 + right timing and a bucket of patience.

What are the pros and cons of being a photographer? Please be specific.
PROS: You have that unique connection with the subject of your choice first-hand and raw.
CONS: Group shots and events, you’ll be the one taking them for about 90% of the time so missing them is quite inevitable.

I know you like traveling for shoot or even for chill-out, can tell me where is the best place to be to do some shoot? And why there? Bonifacio Global City. Cozy, balanced take of the nature, urban vibe and art!

Here some of the photos taken by Chelsea Bantong exclusive for axlppi.

What goal are you working towards within your photography and when will you know you have reached it? Have a momentous photo taken that could inspire or move people’s emotions. Only time can tell. It may be a larger than life goal but who knows. :P

What photographic organizations do you belong to? Jaywalkers Philippines, ClickersPH and ShutterbugsPH

Name a photographer you would like to take a portrait of? Francisco Guerrero and Kurt Kamka. They are my idols.

If you weren't a photographer or a multimedia artist, what would you want to be? Why? I want to be a Military Nurse.. or a Surgeon! Just because it’s related with the course I took up 

How do you see yourself 20 or 30 yrs from now? Legit Military Nurse and a part time professional photographer, living with my family in a dream house I built with sweat and blood.

What legacy you will leave on? I wish I had a vivid outlook of my future but I wouldn’t want to spoil myself so maybe in five or ten year’s time, I could have a sneak peek answer to this question.

Any final message or you want to thanks, go on it’s your time to shine!!
Thanks for this fantastic interview, Axl. And here goes my Shameless promotion: I’m Chels. For inquiries, collaborations, or sponsorship, you can contact me at:  Cheers!


  1. mukang maganda nga sya ser.. tsaka ang ganda ng mga shots nya.. tsaka mukang bigtime photographer! ^_^

    saludo ako sa mga kagaya nyong may passion para sa photography. thumbs up!

    1. tsaka parang na-crush-an mo na sya men. lol

  2. Uuuyy.. Si Eagleman, crush si Chelsea~! Haha~!

    Galing-galing naman talaga nitong batang 'to! Isang beses ko pa lang siyang nakasama, at ang tagal na non. As in. Tapos, ang natatandaan ko magaling rin siyang sumayaw ng "Call Me Maybe". Hehe~ Apir Chels!