Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Little Bossing | Blogcon | Photoset

My Little Bossings (also known as Torky and My Little Bossings) is an upcoming 2013 Filipino comedy film for 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival entries that is to be released in theaters nationwide on Christmas Day (December 25, 2013) by OctoArts Films, M-Zet Productions, APT Entertainment, and Kris Aquino Productions . Directed by Marlon Rivera, starring Vic Sotto, Kris Aquino, Ryzza Mae Dizon, and James "Bimby" Aquino-Yap.

Vic Sotto as Torky Villanueva

Ryzza Mae Dizon and Story Writer Bibeth Orteza

Ryzza Mae Dizon as Ching
 Plot :

A man learns to take care of a boy not his own, and in the process realizes he’s never done anything for the daughter he had blamed for the death of his wife. Rejected in her youth, the daughter bears a girl she’s unable to acknowledge as hers at birth. Circumstances bring man and daughter and their respective wards together, and it is through the children’s innocence that the healing begins. Sarcasm turns into affection and irony translates into laughter. Fear is replaced by trust. Love, for the win!

Torky Villanueva, aka Bossing (Vic Sotto), works as personal bookkeeper to Barbara 'Baba' Atienza, a Forbes Park-based cash management specialist. He is funny and he likes to clown around, but the comic nature is really to cover up the loneliness that crept into his life after his wife died. It's a loneliness he thinks would be easier to deal with if he lived abroad, so he plans to someday leave the country and sell his house soon as he saves enough money. He privately agrees with Dan Brown: he lives in the gates of hell.

When Torky's employer Baba’s partner Marco Guzman accuses her of authoring a huge pyramid scam, she goes low-key to investigate Guzman and expose him as the real scam artist. Meanwhile she entrusts her 6-year-old son Justin (James Aquino Yap) in Torky's care, for he’s the one person Guzman will never think she will leave the boy with. Baba presumes Justin'll be happy with Torky, whom she believes to be warm and happy-go-lucky.

Bossing Vic Sotto : Syempre naman may pressure pa din ako sa MMFF.

So dont forget to watch the one of the funniest but fhere's a sense of truth My Little Bossing, this coming 25 of December 2013.

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  1. Wow, swerte mo talaga paps! ang dami mo laging artistang nakikita hihi :D

    Naku, isa yang My Little Bossing sa gusto kong mapanood sa MMFF 2013!

  2. dami mo naman presscon na inaattendan , sama mo naman ako minsan , type ko rin ang ganiyan he he he : )

  3. nice kaw na talaga! cute ni rizza! hehe sabet mo naman ako minsan haha