Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Foodtography Workshop by The Photography Academy- Manila

Here the behind the scene of the foodtography workshop provide by The Photography Academy- Manila, This is the first leg of the food photography of the academy. The food provide by Tender Bob's, Greenbelt 2.
 Welcome remarks of Mr. Christopher Santos, the marketing strategies of The Photography Academy- Manila.

 Chef Alfred Ordinario giving the background of the Tender Bob's and the menu they will reserve.

 The pointers of the food photography provide by the professor of De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde and owner of Green Lens Photo Studio Ms. Japz Azur and Steph Batac.

 The student of the actual food photography session.

Ofcourse I apply what I learn on this event and here some sample food photography that I shoot.

  Honey dijon Salmon

 The best seller Potato Skins

One Pound Burger (Grilled Black Angus)

For more shoot of the behind the scene and the actual scene of food photography workshop kindly go on AXLPPI

For more information about the Foodtography you can message the The Photography Academy - Manila

Special thanks to Mr. Christopher Santos of The Photography Academy - Manila for always inviting me for the photography workshop / session and Tender Bob's for providing the umami food. 


  1. Interesting Axl.. Same ba to ng ginagawa sa commercial ng food? Iba yata eh.

  2. Lumelevel up na yung pagiging photographer mo paps

    1. naks naman more power axl! naku alam ko n kung sino ang dapat lapitan pag may resto na ako ;)


  3. nice parekoy! kaw na talaga infairnes nagutom ako sa pictures