Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mӧvenpick Resort Cebu is Second Most Googled Destination in the Philippines

CEBU, Philippines (December 26, 2013) – Filipino-owned Mӧvenpick Resort Cebu is the second most Googled destination in the Philippines, according to Google’s 2013 year-in-review search list. As first reported on CNN, the Zeitgeist is Google’s year-ender report and lists the hottest travel destinations by country.
The annual Google report captures the trends and interests of people all over the world, including new favorites among Filipinos.
Sky Ranch in Tagaytay and Tubbataha Reef in Puerto Princesa were ranked the first and the third respectively. Pico de Loro, Tugawe Cove Resort, Potipot Island, Amana Waterpark, Misibis Bay, Nuvali and Laiya resorts rounded up the ten spots that Filipinos were most interested in learning more about.
Manny H. Osmena, owner of the two-year old Mӧvenpick was thrilled to hear about the results. “When my General Manager told me about the great news, I was so happy. It Is a gift from God to be recognized for the complete transformation of the property, as well as the transformation of the food and beverage service. We welcome visitors who are curious about the resort and aim to give them a great experience with the unique ambience of Mӧvenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu.”
Interesting amenities and offers at the resort include the Ibiza Beach Club reminiscence of the club atmosphere in the Spanish island. Guests could watch gorgeous views of the sunset as they enjoy the Balearic-stye churrasco capped by the world-famous Mӧvenpick Swiss Ice cream. Guests could also order the same premium coffee served in Mӧvenpick Hotels in Paris, Zurich and Berlin. The outdoor performance venue shoes exciting Latin dance numbers, fire exhibition dancers and Las Vegas style performances four to five nights a week produced by our in-house artists under the direction of the entertainment director hailing from Majorca, Spain Paco Beltran. Meanwhile special occasions culminate in a special fireworks display over the beach from the rooms, views of the aqua colored waters and the seamlessly constructed boardwalk made from ironwood look pristine and serene. Guests pamper themselves with the finest bath sets imported from the luxury brand Chopard. To begin and end the journey is a luxury hotel car service: a Porsche Cayenne, which provides visitors a full-circle experience of excellence and elegance they won’t forget.
The above qualities of Mӧvenpick Resort Cebu make it a place for a great and luxurious stay. The traits of this place have fueled the Filipino traveler’s interest in making Mӧvenpick Resort Cebu his destination of choice in 2013 and beyond.

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CNN’s year -ender reports the top 10 Most Googled Destination in the Philippines for 2013, Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island landed the no.2 spot followed by the world famous Tubbataha Reef!edition.cnn.com/2013/12/18/travel/most-searched-destinations/

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Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island landed the no.2 spot followed by the world famous Tubbataha Reef on CNN’s year-ender report on the top 10 Most Googled Destination in the Philippines for 2013.edition.cnn.com/2013/12/18/travel/most-searched-destinations/

CNN’s year-ender reports the #2 Most Googled Destination in PH for 2013!Followed by Tubbataha Reef!Let’s go to my fave place @MoevenpickCebu


  1. I've been wanting to visit Cebu for quite sometime now, but I'm having a problem looking for where to stay. I'm really glad to read about Mövenpick Resort Cebu. I'll definitely put this on my list of must-visits. :D

  2. Hmm this is a nice place to stay... i hope when the time I go there i can afford to experience this wonderful resort in Cebu.

  3. hangganda naman nyang resort na yan! isang pic pa lang kitang kita na pang world class sya!

  4. Hope they had a deal or something, looks like it's a great place to stay while in Cebu!