Thursday, March 13, 2014

Casa Boix | Inside the house

One of the most beautiful house in the district of Quiapo

The House of Boix, an architectural and heritage jewel at the heart of Manila, was constructed 119 years ago by Don Marciano Teotico. By August 21, 1895 Don Marciano, as what was the law during those times, submitted to the government a plan to build a house of strong materials on Barbosa—now Bautista Street. Indeed, the strength of the house is still evident, as seen from the fact that the house, robed with all its neo-renaissance majesty and unparalleled intricacy, still manages to stand like an old monarch in the midst of all the tides of decades of neglect and urban decadence. Known for its Bulaklak sa Trellis (Flowers in the Trellis) style, it is one of the few remaining structures of its kind—a 19th Century residue that continues to implant a sense of awe on anyone who pass by it.
As one enters the house, one can still feel the eerie echoes of the past century. The aura of grandeur may be fading but not forgotten.**

The house have undergone several renovations when it was converted into a dormitory. Some say that the late President Manuel L. Quezon used to be a boarder of this dormitory during his time in Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

Sala Mayor
Inheritance issues has prevented the Jesuits in claiming the house. Thus, it has come into disrepair and neglect until in 2008 when the 2nd floor of the house was abandoned. The ground floor is still occupied by more than 30-40 families, most of them were Muslims. The house is set to celebrate it's 119th year on Aug. 25, 2014.

In the contemporary times a group of students, young professionals, and veteran writers have joined together to form the Kapitbahayan sa Kalye Bautista. The group, small as it may seem, is engrossed in its conviction to uplift the urban fabric of the street and revive the house to its former glory.

About the House of Boix is written by John P. Arcilla and Allan Martinez, they are the active member of the NGO group name Kabitbahayan sa Kalye Bautista (KKB)

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  1. Wow! Interesting :) Madami pang mga lumang bahay talaga sa Manila. Sana ma preserved to kaya lang common house na kasi kaya mahirap din.