Intramuros ay [(Latin) intra: within; muros:walls]. The popular name given to the walled city of Spanish Manila. The name “Manila” (it is claimed) derives from nilad, a type of mangrove that bore white waxy flowers (Ixora).

Luneta Park

Park or Rizal Park is one of the historic destinations in the Philippines.

MOA Eye At Night

Last February 18, 2012 nagkaroon ng isang munting gathering ang mga Helios para sa 1st gathering nito para sa 2012.....


Its time of Photowalk again actually its on my plan talaga na magphotowalk sa buong Mall of Asia sa loob mismo ng mall kaso bawal nga magtake ng mga pictures with the permission........

The Sunset

Sabi ka ni Adriaan Kortlandt “Once I saw a chimpanzee gaze at a particularly beautiful sunset for a full 15 minutes, watching the changing colors [and then] retire to the forest without picking a pawpaw for supper.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ryza Cenon more daring of the new cover of UNO Magazine.

Ryza Cenon is of the the hottest celebrity and more seductive in the new issue of the UNO Magazine aside from that she reveal some tips about being simple to seductive not only in the outside showbiz but ofcourse inside the kitchen.

Inside the Uno Magazine Ryza reveal how to win heart of a woman and she said "Knowing how to cook is more attractive to boys,” she added “It means you’re not just sexy but wife material.”

Ryza makes another admission: Despite her rising celebrity status, she remains an introvert. Nevertheless, her habit of trying extreme sports like bungee jumping, gives away her adventurous streak that most guys would like to unleash.

Ryza Cenon started her career in showbiz when she join the reality search StarStruck and she got the crowd of Ultimate Female Survivor.

Recently she is playing the role of Priscilla in Innamorata the afternoon block of GMA Network.

Can’t wait to have your hands all over these goodies? Grab a copy of this dream issue.

And ofcourse before I ended this post I must say Ryza is really beautiful and humble because last 21 of June I grab the chance to meet and greet this girl in the ToyCon at SM Megamall.

UNO magazine is available in all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.
Follow the official social media of Uno Magazine at
twitter: @UNOmag
FB: UNOmagazine
IG: UNOmagazine

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#SelfiEscolta: The Manila Street Heritage Festival

Rescue, Revive, Relive Escolta at #selfiEscolta: The Manila Street Heritage Festival

Young people use the power of social media to raise awareness on Manila’s forgotten but beloved heritage street in this all-day arts, music and food fest.

Manila, June 25 – The Queen of Manila streets is reclaiming her crown as a relevant and productive district in modern times.

The Escolta Revival Movement, an umbrella group composed of property and business owners, public institutions, and organizations from the arts and heritage conservation sectors have joined forces for one vision. They have united for a collective effort to rescue and revive Escolta, to make it the country’s premier central business and luxury district once again.

To raise awareness and help boost Manila’s local tourism, they will hold an event called #selfiEscolta: The Manila Street Heritage Festival. It will be held along Escolta Street on June 28, 2014 (Saturday), from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

#selfiEscolta features various simultaneous activities to showcase the best of Manila’s famed district. These include special guided tours that will take attendees to all the heritage buildings in the district. There will also be an art and food market plus on-site entertainment, among others. Confirmed performers include the likes of Gary Granada, Tres Marias (Cookie Chua, Bayang Barrios, Lolita Carbon), Plagpul, Persephone, Suelo, Estribo, Fiona, and more.

Primarily, #selfiEscolta aims to create an online buzz about the district. This is by encouraging participants to post pictures and videos to their respective social media accounts with the official hashtag: #selfiEscolta.

Here what you see in the #SelfiEscolta: The Manila Street Heritage Festival

Entrance of Calle Escolta

Regina Building

Burke Building

Calvo Building

First United Building

Using this modern form of marketing, the Escolta Revival Movement, hopes to promote heritage conservation and history appreciation. The initiative, which counts the Heritage Conservation Society-Youth among its members, aims to promote this among online communities and especially young people.

Should you have questions and other concerns, you may contact our event organizers, Romel Leal Santiago at +639159214334 or Clara Buenconsejo at +639175134961. You may also send an email to or visit the official Facebook advocacy page at

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Metropolitan Theater, The Darkest Secret

I joined the FREE Guided Royal Postal Heritage Tour yesterday, headed by Sir Rence Chan. A part of the tour's itinerary was to visit and see what is inside the Manila Metropolitan Theater, more popularly known as MET. The experience was a mixture of amazement, regret and disappointment. I wish I was able to watch a performance there when I was young.

MET, during its golden years, had a great reputation as one of the best theaters in the country, and could be lined up with the other equally awesome theaters in the world, I believe. Now I see it as Manila's lost gem - forgotten, neglected, abandoned, dilapidated, after losing all its luster and purpose in the fast paced modern life of the Metro.

The rehearsal room
And disappointingly, quoting an artile from wiki, "It regained its original use and prestige as a cultural center and finally closed down in 1996 due to ownership disputes between the city administration and the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). On June 23, 2010, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Manila mayor Alfredo Lim re-opened the theater after extensive renovations. The Theater used again once for the Wolfgang Band Concert in 2011. But in 2012, the theater is closed again due to decays inside the building."

the balcony area
Had there been no administrative disputes, the MET could have been one of the remaining perfomring arts venues that our race can be proud of. The renovation and restoration of MET, though, is a tall order, considering the lack fund of the Manila government and the individuals behind the MET administration.

the upper area of balcony

Jericho looking for something?
The tour guides of MET encourage to not promote heritage sites like this by spreading scary stories about how haunted the place is. But, evidently, this serves as an evidence that the MET might really be haunted. 

We felt a heavy force when I suddenly separated my self from the group and went into a big room which looked like the big dance rehearsal room, with one of the walls full of mirrors for dancers to see themselves while practicing their moves. Then a colleague went in and tried to take pictures of the room itself, and then he began whispering "sheeet, nandyan na naman sya, nakatingin satin."

Besides the desire to capture the MET 'occupants' from another realm (lol), I took a lot of pictures of what is inside MET, in the hopes that I can also show you what Manila is losing, if they cannot find ways to restore, renovate and reopen this magnificent structure. It's more than just the architectural design, and the masterpiece artworks inside. It's all about the prestige that MET has brought to the country during its days. No ghost photos, unfortunately.

Here some photos inside the Metropolitan Theater.

Sign the petition at to save the fabulous Metropolitan Theater.

About Metropolitan Theater.

Conception of Theater

Teatro del Prinsipe Alfonso XII was an old theater built during the Spanish colonial period, which was near the present day Metropolitan Theater. This old theater was the main central building within the large and sprawling Plaza Arroceros in 1862. Unfortunately, the Teatro del Principe Alfonso XII burnt down in 1876, and was blamed on an irate Muslim terrorist.

During the American colonial period, the idea to construct a theater which Manilans could call their own came in 1924 when the Philippine Legislature approved a project by Senator Alegre to build a people’s theatre in the Mehan Garden (now Sining Kayumanggi). It was not until six years later that the cornerstone was laid on a small part of 8,239.58 square meters of public land. Its grand inauguration on December 10, 1931 and zarzuelas, dramas, translations of foreign classics and stage shows that were to be presented before and during the war years.

Written and photos by Jericho Carillo

About Jericho Carrillo, he is activate member of the Heritage Conservation Society - Youth and working in an GL Advisor as Associate Client Advisor.

The About the Met information got from

Friday, June 13, 2014

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, The heritage theme park

I have read about Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar years back and got a glimpse of the place for the first time on the boob-tube, while channel surfing and chanced upon the local version of the series "Zorro", starring "It Takes Gutz to be a Guttierrez" matinee idol Richard Guttierrez.

But then I digress.

Going back, I was impressed on how they were able to transplant entire houses and buildings all the way from its place of origin to the sleepy, fishing village of Bagac, Bataan.

So when our group, Kapitbahayan sa Kalye Bautista Inc, were offered a free tour of the place courtesy of Jam Acuzar, (one of our good benefactors , whose father - Jerry Acuzar, conceptualized the heritage themed resort), I immediately signed up.

It was a long commute from my place in Caloocan to Bagac. The journey up north is worthy of another blog entry itself. I left at home at 5am and after four bus transfers I finally reached Bagac at a little after 9am.  I was supposed to meet up with the rest of the group but I arrived a little earlier than expected so I decided to wait for them at Casa Mexico, which is also a restored heritage house from Mexico, Pampanga, and now acts as the reception area.

Mr. Dexter Manansala 
When the rest arrived, we decided to join the walking tour after lunch, with Mr. Dexter Manansala as our tour guide.

Walking on cobbled streets amidst rows of centuries-old heritage houses at the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is like going through time and space warp. There are around 27 authentic stone houses from the 19th century all of which are hiding intriguing stories of love, lust, and betrayal during tumultuous periods of our country's history. From what I've learned from my History I class during college, a stone house was equated with wealth as most people lived in wooden houses or "bahay kubo". So basically this is like getting VIP access to the life, times and "chismis" of the creme de la creme of society during the Philippine's heydays.

According to tour guide - Dexter, each and every wall in Las Casas Filpinas harbors a different story.

He explained that these heritage houses were painstakingly transferred from their original locations in different parts of the country and carefully restored by the resort's in-house artists, which were hired even as far as Paete and Pakil Laguna.

Dexter explained, "Binabaklas po ang bawat parte ng bahay and then dinadala po dito isinasakay sa malaking truck and then dinadala po dito. Pagdating po dito, muli po siyang binubuo, para pong puzzle ang dating."

Guests are also asked to remove their slippers as they enter the heritage houses. "Filipino tradition po kasi yan dito, bilang tanda nang pagbibigay galang po natin sa may-ari ng bahay."

Every house in Las Casas Filipinas is full of memory, of amazing stories.

The first house the we visted was Casa Lubao owned by the Arrastia-Vitug family and built in 1920. I nicknamed this, The Good Vibes House, you'd know why in a few...

The Arrastia's were the family who shouldered the school expenses of the young Diosdado Macapagal. The house sat directly in front of the Lubao municipal hall. It is a huge establishment with hardwood furnishings and an eccentric ceiling fruit embelishments. Base on our guide's explanation, the Arrastia's used to hang the fruit baskets on the blades of the ceiling fans so that the children won't be able to eat the fruits before meals. But one time, one cunning kid discovered that by turning the ceiling fan on the baskets would fall and they would be able to get their hands on the contents. So when they did this the fruits fell like rain inside the house. And this inspired the artisans to make the fruit carvings on the ceiling.

One great story about the house was told by Dexter in a very mysterious tone. Before the Second World War, a Japanese man came to work as a driver for the family. It turns out that the driver was one of the many Japanese soldiers who infiltrated Filipino communities years before the war.

When the war broke out, the Japanese seized the house and used it as a garrison. Although Philippine history is ridden with horrors of Japanese cruelty, the Arrastia-Vitug family was spared, thanks to their driver, who turned out to be a Japanese colonel.

Casa Biñan (Alberto House)
The next house intrigued the living daylights out of me, it was Casa Binan, where the resort's Sunday masses are usually held while waiting for the construction of the church. I saw the ruins of this house when I frequented Laguna during my college days and was excited to finally be able to see its interiors.

It was indeed a perfect example of a class A bahay na bato during the mid 19th century. It's courtyard was massive! But the story behind the house was such a tidal wave of events that I couldn't help but pay attention to Dexter while he dramatically relayed the secrets of this house.

This, according to him, was the Alberto Ancestral Mansion, which was owned by Jose Alberto - the half-brother of Jose Rizal's mother, Teodora Alonzo.

The whole view of Alberto House
According to researches, he was married to a 12 y/o girl from Vigan named Paula Florentino but they never had a child. Ten years after, Brigida Querubin came into picture in Lorenzo's life. He was not married to Brigida making all her children with Lorenzo illegitimate.

But Jose Alberto married Teodora Formoso. It is said that she had been unfaithful to Jose especially when he was out of the country. She had an affair with an officer of the civil guards. Upon knowing what had happened, Jose Alberto imprisoned Teodora Formoso inside their mansion.

Teodora Alonso came to the aid of her hurting brother, the bunso in the family, even against the will of her husband, Francisco Mercado.

One time, Teodora Alonso with her eldest, Saturnina, brought snacks for Teodora Formoso. Immediately, Teodora Formoso put the food on the floor and called her dog to eat it. The dog died instantly and she accused her sister-in-law of attempted murder. She suffered two years in jail as a consequence.

Dexter said that this caused a rift within the household and the Albertos and Rizal's kin were never in good terms after that.

The Casa Hidalgo

The Rafael Enriquez House, also known as Casa Hidalgo
Another house, Casa Hidalgo, built in 1867 in Quiapo, Manila, was designed by Felix Roxas y Arroyo, the first Filipino to practice architecture in the Philippines. Owned by Rafael Enriquez, the house was considered the most elegant during the Spanish regime.

Inside Casa Hidalgo
In the 1870s, the Philippines' best young artists, such as Juan Luna and Felix Hidalgo, trained at the house's entrezuelo (mezzanine).

The mansion was also used as the first campus of the University of the Philippines' School of Fine Arts. Enriquez was the school's first director, serving from 1909 to 1926, a year before he passed away in 1927.

The Seal of  University of the Philippines' School of Fine Arts.
When the UP School of Fine Arts transferred to Padre Faura in Manila and later to Diliman, Quezon City, the mansion was neglected.

Casa Hidalgo eventually became a dormitory for boys and girls, a bowling alley, and even a shooting location for pornographic films.

"Then, much worse po, naglagay po sila dito ng abortion clinic, pero nung nilpat na po tong bahay dito ay nagpablesssing naman po sila para mataboy ang nakaraan ng bahay." said Dexter.

Casa Baliuag

If you are planning to stay with your family for an overnight get-away, the lowest-priced house is Casa Baliuag, previously located just in front of the Catholic church in Baliuag, Bulacan.

In the 1950s, Casa Baliuag, which has elaborate adobe carvings, served as the municipal hall of Baliuag. Sadly, the house was later abandoned and some of its architectural details were either stolen or ruined. Good thing that the pineapple carvings which can be found on its ceiling are still intact.

Casa Binondo

Casa Binondo 3 - also known as Casa Vizantina
One of the best restored houses within the site is the Casa Binondo 3 - also known as Casa Vizantina, formerly located in San Nicolas, Binondo, Manila. For the first three-story house in the country, today's guests will have to shell out P150,000 per day.

The house, built in 1890, was a floral bahay na bato, influenced by the neo-styles of the Renaissance, Baroque, and Byzantine periods.

Around 1914, the house was leased out to the Instituto de Manila, for the holding o elementary and high school classes. The school later transferred to its own building in Sampaloc and became known as the University of Manila.

After the Second World War, the house was leased to different tenants until it became abandoned and was taken over by informal settlers, who stayed there until 2009. Unaware of the value of the house, some 50 squatter families built structures inside the house, even destroying floral architectural designs made of pure gold by installing clotheslines.

Per our tour guide, the informal settlers had no idea they were breaking pure gold designs when they installed clotheslines here. They just thought that they were merely ripping off paint.

Casa Unisan

Casa Unisan (built 1839) is the Maxino house in Unisan, Quezon.
The other houses though not as assuming as the lavish Casa Vizantina, are also rich in stories to tell. Casa Unisan, constructed in 1839, was the first stone house to be built in Unisan, Quezon.

Casa Unisan was owned by Antonio Maxino, whose entire family was murdered by a gang of thieves. Only youngest daughter Carmen survived after being hidden by a helper in a storage bin-a bayong-for dirty laundry.

Dexter said Casa Unisan now houses one of the resort's restaurants, Café Marivent, where guests staying overnight get free breakfast.

And you can tell that they have an excellent menu just by the gastronomic smell that wafts from the place.

Casa Paseo de Escolta

Then there is Casa Paseo de Escolta, which is only a replica of typical commercial structures in Escolta, Manila in the 1900s. The original structures were bomb during the Second World War. This serves as their main hotel and an overnight stay at a studio deluxe room, for two adults and two kids, starts at around P3,800 per day and goes up to as high as P7,500 per day. This also houses their gift shop and an in-house convenience store.

Here some of the Casas in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Casa San Miguel
Casa Meycauayan
(built in 1913 by the Escota family) was originally built in City of San Fernando in Pampanga. It was reconstructed in the 1950s in Meycauayan, Bulacan, where Rogelio Urrutia bought it.
Though this trend of rellocating old houses from their point of origin to a heritage resort has been the subject of debate for years now, what I like about Las Casas was that deep in my heart I know that the houses are being taken cared of and in a way - LOVED. It's just a bit sad that only a few could afford the place. I bet it would be great if they can think of a way to entertain underprivileged honor students, like a free  fieldtrip once a year would matter so much and inspire a child. To think that the place inspired good-old-jaded me, imagine the awe it would give to some young mind? :)

I went to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in order to check another place off my bucket list but I came home appreciating my heritage more and learning so much about my past. Here's hoping that with my involvement with Kapitbayan sa Kalye Bautista, I would be able to help restore the old grandeur of Casa Boix without uprooting the house from Quiapo's cradle.

Written by Cristina Burwell
Photo by : AXLPPI

About Cristina Burwell is single mother who working in multinational company and she currently member of the Kapitbahayan sa Kalye Bautsita at Iba Pa ( KKB is a non-stock, non-profit organization mobilized by students & adults from different fields who advocate for cultural & heritage preservation.)

All photos here is exclusively copyright of Axl Powerhouse Group.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

QUIAPO || the mystical, the beautiful "UNCOVER THE HIDDEN WONDERS OF QUIAPO"

A Walking Tour for the Benefit of Kasa Boix Restoration and Pamana Basic Education Project

Some treasures hide where you least expect it. Beyond the bombardment of noise and scents that possess the metropolis, who would have thought, one can find a PAGODA proudly standing among the shanty towns? Or grand old mansions, the homes of the powerful, standing like dames with all their beauty and majesty standing ready for the curious and the observant? Who would have guessed that a treasure trove of history and culture hides among the lovely balusters and windows of the many homes, the Kasa Boix, Zamora Mansion and the Padilla House being just some of them, of this district? Or that succulent sights and delights await for those with a taste for color and adventure?

QUIAPO || the mystical, the beautiful
Join the KKB Lakaran!


Date: June 22, 2014 (Sunday)
Assembly Area || Basilica Minore de San Sebastian
Registration || 7:30AM-8:00AM
Orientation/Tour Proper || 8:00AM

Adult. || Php 500.00
Student || Php 250.00 (Kindly present your school ID upon registration)
* Payments will be collected at the registration booth

* A unique Quiapo experience
* Souvenir
* Food

For more details and other inquiries, please contact:
Dr. Teresita Obusan || +63933-925-7861
Michele Ting || +63919-859-6118
Allan P. Martinez || +63905-354-3913
You may also write to:

Please like our official facebook page:\KapitbahayansaKalyeBautista

Organized by Kapitbahayan sa Kalye Bautista atbp. Lugar, Inc. - KKB

The Kapitbahayan sa Kalye Bautista atbp. Lugar, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization mobilized by students & adults from different fields who advocate for cultural & heritage preservation

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Magsaya! MagGumaca! Mag Aryana Baluerte Na!!

Oh no, this is not not what you think, i mean Pahiyas? its a big NO!!! It's Araña't Baluarte!!

From the words Araña (Chandelier) and Baluarte (Fort/Bastion), this is perhaps based on the town's ever famous landmark, the San Diego de Alcala Fortress, fondly called as Kastilyo.

The festival serve purposed its give thanks to San Isidro Labrador (the patron saint of Quezon), the patron saint of farmers, for a bountiful harvest they have for the year.

This festival is different from Pahiyas in Lucban – instead of houses being decorated with local produce, baluartes are decorated with various agricultural products like bananas, vegetables, buco, pineapple, and root crops; some are beautifully arranged in arañas.

Here some of the photos during the happening of the Aryana Baluerte!

One of the Baluerta

The Coconut House

The McDonald's Baluerte

One of the cart

Sj tasting the sweet food from Gumaca

The Patron Saint of Gumaca, San Isidro Labrador

Dancing Parade 


I really enjoy this event and I admit this is one of the best fiesta I attend not because of the nice shooting for photography nor the food, its because of the people they very hospitable and I like the way they treat the turista!!

So anu pa hinihintay mo  Magsama! MagGumaca! Mag Aryana Baluerte Na!! Next year sana makita kita dito!!!

For more photos of this wonderful event kindly like the official fanpage AXL Powerhouse

Thursday, June 5, 2014

YouTurn : Zyra Bambico

Sinu nga ba ang mag-aakala na ang isang maganda, mabait at masipag na si Zyra Bambico ay papaunlakan ang aking munting interview tungkol sa arts, sapagkat sa ngaun ay naging busy na siya sa kanyang tinatahak na career bilang isang maestra, web designer at minsan ay preacher  na rin. Pero paano ko nga ba nakilala si  Zyra Bambico? Nakilala ko si Zyra Bambico noong naging membro ako ng U-blog (United Bloggers) kung saan madalas kaming magkulitan lalo-lalong na patungkol kung paano nga ba kami naging magbespren ni Jason at dahil nga doon ay naging tuloy-tuloy na ang aming samahan at kung minsan naman ay nagkakaroon ng kaunting iball(bloggers gathering) na ginaganap sa Mall of Asia (dati kung saan aktibo pa ang lahat ng mga personal blogger at members ng U-blog).

So paano kilalanin pa natin mabuti kung sinu nga ba si Zyra Bambico sa mundo ng Arts.

Full Name and Alias: Zyra Bambico
Twitter: @blessedzyRAWR
Location: Biñan City
Age: 27
Education: MIS, University of the Philippines Open University
Genre of your graphic illustration: Clean Minimalist

Tell me something about yourself that people don't know:
I’m an introvert dreaming to be famous and is now confused how on earth will that happen?

What is your current state of mind before we continue with the interview?
Petiks mode. I just logged off from work.

When and how did you get your start in the industry?
I had this “Presentation Skills” course in 2005 in college. I was noticed by our instructor while defending our first Photoshop activity. He told me that I “can” design.

Did you go to school to study this genre?

How did you discover your passion for art? Was it always something you knew you wanted to do?
It was a passion recovered, not discovered. Seriously, I was being trained during that time to be the school’s best programmer and the shift happened after the “defense” I mentioned a while ago. I instantly recalled all the people who said that I can draw, that I am good in mixing and playing around with colors, and that I’ll soon be an artist.

How do you define graphic design?
♥ (LOVE)

How did you find your style? Has it changed since you started?
It just came out. I realized that most of my designs are clean & minimalist although I started with the grunge style, yung mga pa-emo. I was in college when black and punk were everyone’s favorite (yung panahon pa ni Avril Lavingne). Although, I was already told before by one of my friends, that grids & boxes are always flying around everywhere whenever I do designs. I’m still into grids but overall visuals just got better.

What was your first ever illustration of, do you still have it, if not where is it?
It was about how to save the planet earth with the slogan: “Saving earth is COOL”. It was an entry for the town’s poster making contest while I was in grade 5. I don’t have a copy of it anymore. I remember attending the exhibit of our works at the City Hall. They never returned it to us, or maybe they did, I just didn't know.

Here some of the art works of  Zyra Bambico

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration from?
The stuff I read, the things I see and the people I encounter.

How did illustration/graphic design change your life?
It did not but it helped me discover my gifts and appreciate them.

What are the pros and cons of being a grapic illustrator?
Pros – your family, friends, and other people appreciate, use and wear your work.
Cons – they always ask you to do the design for free.

If you weren't a graphic artist/illustrator or a multimedia artist, what would you want to be? Why?
A programmer: because they are the awesomest people who are giving life to “flat designs” and they are earning lots and lots of gold bars.

What legacy will you leave?
My disciples.

How do you see yourself 20 or 30 yrs from now?
A rich & successful creative art director with more than a thousand disciples.

Your #1 art tip or words of wisdom.
You are born creative and you just forgot to practice. Make it a habit to design everyday and you’ll be amazed how great you will become tomorrow.

Any final message? Its your time to shine.
No one is good without a mentor. Go and find one. Designers/artists need someone to train and to teach them. Look at the superheroes, they all have trainers, teachers, and mentors. I have a mentor who always looks at my designs, critics it and suggests ways for me to improve.
Also, teach and disciple new artists. Who will continue doing the clean & minimalist designs when I become incapable in the future? My mentees. My disciples. The legacy is not the work or the designs we do but the lessons and skills we impart to others. As always said, WORDS will never ever pass away.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bulwagang Salakot Restaurant

Sabi nga nila kung gusto mo malaman kung anu ang masarap na putahe ng isang probinsya bisitahin mo ang ilan sa mga sikat o kilalang mga restaurant sa lugar. Isa ang Bulwagang Salakot Restaurant na madalas dauhin sa probinsya ng Gumaca, Quezon.

Anu nga ba ang kasaysayan ng Bulwagang Salakot at bakit ito naging patok sa mga tiga-Gumaca o maging sa mga turista na dumadayo sa Gumaca?

Ayun mismo kay Atty. Feliza Canela Florido ang isa sa may-ari ay nagsimula sila sa isang maliit na kainan lamang sa senrtong bayan ng Gumaca tulad lamang sila ng mga ordinaryong nagtitinda doon ngunit dahil sa aking sarap at mura ng kanilang mga pagkain ay naging popular sila sa bayan at di lamang yun ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit naging patok ito ay ang kanilang masarap na "Nilasing na Hipon" at ang malutong na chicharon. Naging popular din ang byahero patungo Bicol o di kaya naman ay pumuntang Maynila sapagkat ang lokasyon ng kanilang lugar ay nasa highway lamang, di lamang yun masasabi rin all-in ang Bulwagang Salakot dahil andito na ang lahat ng kailangan mo katulad na lamang ng gasolihan (kung mga oto ka) kung kailangan mo naman magpahinga ata meron din silang isang hotel kung saan masasabi panalo ang bawat silid at sulit ang magstay-in mo dito at ang huling syempre ang souvenir shop kung saan makikita mo dito ang mga pudeng maging pasalubong mo pabalik mo sa kamaynilaan o patungo ka ng Bicol Region.

Isa sa mga sinubukan namin kainin dito ang chichanoy.

Bakit naging chichanoy ang tawag nila sa chicharon? Sapagkat ito daw ang madalas kainin ng ating Pangulong Benigno Aquino III tuwing siya ang nagagawi sa Gumaca.

Chichanoy (Php110)

Masasabi kung masarap nga nito at boom malutong talaga siya at samahan mo pa ng isang masarap na sukang Quezon.

Ang ikalawang pagkain na aming sinubukan ay ang nilasing na hipon.

nilasing na hipon (Php 110)
First time kung kumain ng nilasing na hipon at i must admit malutong at di siya yung tikipal na pritong hipon kungbaga sa usapang kanto masarap gawing pulutan.

So paano hanggang dito na lamang muna ang aking munting review sa Bulwagang Salakot at isang daang porsyento na babalikan ko dito, hindi dahil paanyaya ni Attorney kungdi sa masarap at magandang pakikitungo ng mga staff ng restaurant na ito, muli salamat Atty. Feliza Canela Florido sa isang masayang kwentuhan at imbitasyon sa isang restaurant hanggang sa muling magkikita.

Para sa iba pang larawan tungkol sa Bulwagang Salakot Restaurant tumungo lamang kayo sa opisyal na fanpage sa facebook ng AXL Powerhouse