Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mikey Bustos Palengke World Tour in Tacloban Edition

Mikey Bustos is a Canadian-born Filipino singer/songwriter/performer, comedian, actor, videomaker, and online personality. Also known as the "Ambassador of Filipinos on the Internet", he is best known for his witty Filipino-themed and musical videos, both comedic and serious, on Youtube and Facebook.

 He is currently based in Manila, Philippines where he works as a singer & performer, TV actor, event host, and morning radio host DJ on Magic 89.9 FM. He is an active Youtube Creator under Maker Studios, running the Youtube Channel www.youtube.com/mikeybustosvideos.

What about the  Palengke Concert World Tour???

The Palengke Concert was named after the Filipino “Palengke”, the Tagalog word for a local marketplace, and correspondingly, themed after Mikey’s latest viral internet hit “I Go To Palengke (Meghan Trainor
Parody)” which has accumulated over 3.5 million views on Facebook and Youtube (as of February 24th 2015). In the same way that the palengke offers a wide variety of Filipino items and services, the Palengke Concert also is a variety show that offers an array of different performances that will make Filipinos reminisce the motherland Philippines, as well as teach non-Filipinos about Filipino culture.

 The show program is a fun mix of cultural, family-friendly comedy and musical performances. Mikey Bustos performs many of hispopular musical Youtube parodies combined with video, costumes, props, and some fun gags. Thecontent is Filipino-themed. The concert is Taglish but predominantly English, flavoured accent from his Youtube videosand exuberant flare for performing.  He also performs serious songs including those that made him famous on Canadian idol Season One in 2003, as well as original songs from previous record releases. With video clips showing on screen, varying costumes, props, back up dancers, and choreography, the Palengke Concert brings the celebrating of Filipino culture to life through a truly refreshing, theatrical, world-class show, delivered on stage Mikey Bustos-style.

 The Palengke Concert is directed by Mikey Bustos and executive producer Romeo Jr. Garcia. The concert’s very first stop was in Baguio on March 4th, 2015

 The full show is 1.5 hrs but can be tailored to run at a minimum length of 30 mins, and can be sold as a complete solo show or concert, or can easily fit into a program of other performers (e.g. at a festival). It can be adapted to fit a variety of venues, from a large theater or stadium to intimate bar.

See you there.


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