Friday, June 5, 2015

Photos : The Talents Association of GMA (TAG) protest today in front of GMA Network

HAPPENING NOW: Talent Association of GMA7 (TAG) converge at GMA7 main gate, presses for regularization and an end to harassment to their ranks.

What is the really story behind this rally?

According to the blog of Buhay Media

"It has also been 6 months since contracts of 52 TAG members were not renewed as a result of filing the case. It has been 6 months since TAG members were excluded from Christmas bonus, 6 months since TAG members were prohibited from engaging in duties with other programs that took away a significant cut in our income.

But we also mark one year since we formed TAG and filed the case; one year since we decided we were going to fight for the rights afforded to us by law.

This protest is a demonstration of our commitment to see this fight through: to withstand more days without salary, more months of harassment, and however long it takes to claim a victory we will share with our colleagues in the Media, and all the other contractual workers in the Philippines.

Today, in front of GMA, we are a united force that will call for better labor treatment for media workers and the end of contractualization in the labor force."

So what can you say regarding this issue? Are you favor of GMA for doing that to the media people?

Photos credit to Radix Gulay.
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