Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Bottomline story of LBC Express

I am appalled at how the Internet has been used by malicious individuals to smear the reputation of people, companies and organizations. I condemn the spread of online hate campaign because these campaigns stack the cards (sometimes even fictitious cards) against a person or group of persons who are unable to defend themselves.
I wish there were a system where those who spread lies and hate online against innocent people can be deterred by the threat of punishment by fines or public humiliation.

One of these recent attacks have been against LBC Express, a courier and logistics company. Some netizens have posted attacks against LBC for a variety of reasons, some valid while some are not.
One case in particular is a netizen named Bakura Pagaduan.

Pagaduan claims to have a pair shoes and other items were sent to him by a relative via LBC. When the box arrived, Pagaduan claims that the box showed signs of pilferage and that the shoes were gone. He went to the local LBC branch in his area, the one that handled the delivery. Pagaduan raised his voice against the local staff who only responded by offering that a formal complaint be filed. Pagaduan refused and instead turned to social media. This post went viral because a forum on Facebook called Tambayan ni Berto had their forum members shared and reshared the post to all their friends including members and non-forum members as well.

LBC reached out to Pagaduan to ask him the details of his package. LBC's investigators learned later that Pagaduan signed the delivery receipt which would have proven that he received the package in good condition. Eventually, Pagaduan demanded and received a compensation of P2,000 for the alleged lost items.


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