Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nigel Ian Laxamana will shoot for FREE

Isa sa mga hinahangaan ko na kaibigan sa mundo ng fotografia ay ang aking kabalen na si Nigel Ian Laxamana, una ko sya nakilala ng personal noong umattend ako ng anniversary ng Digital Photographers Philippines o mas kilala bilang DPP kaya naman nakakatuwa na kahit malayo na ang kanyang narating sa mundo ng fotografia ay nasa lupa pa rin ang kanyang mga paa. Maliban pa dito ay minsan ay nagkakapalitan din kami kahit paano ng isang kuro-kuro patungkol sa fotografia kaya naman sa kanyang kaarawan ay meron siyang munting hiling na alam ko na naman na bawat atin ay kayang gawin ang bagay na iyon.

Narito ang buong detalye patungkol sa munting hiling ni Nigel Ian Laxamana.

I am blessed with a great opportunities to showcase a gift in photography. I am lucky that clients trust my services in shooting their advertising materials — from menu boards, posters, to billboards. I am proud to say that all these started when I was still a scholar at Holy Angel University. When you’re a scholar, you have to maintain requirements, you have do your best to get that 100% full grant. I know how hard it is to maintain that and I know how hard it is financially as well. You must strive and work hard. And that’s a great lesson for me in life.

And so for my 26th birthday, I got in touch with Robby Tantingco and presented a campaign that I shot for free: “Dream Portraits”. Dream potraits is a series of photographs that show a scholar today and his or her dream job in the future (click each photo and know their story). 10 years ago, I dreamt of becoming an Advertising persona. This is my simple way of giving back to the place where I learned to strive and work hard to get that 100%.

Today, I am knocking to your hearts: let’s help these kids achieve their dream. YOU CAN START BY SHARING THIS POST AND SPREADING THEWORD. We don’t target many likes, shares and comments. But if you can also tag people who know who can help: businessmen and their establishments, politicians, etc, we will appreciate it. If you’re fortunate financially, you can donate to HAU’s scholarship fund.

Here’s the catch: If you donated a certain amount (to be discussed), I WILL WORK FOR YOU BY SHOOTING YOUR ADVERTISING REQUIREMENTS FOR FREE. If you’re a restaurant owner, I’ll shoot your menu for free. If you’re an individual, I’ll shoot your next portrait for free. If you own business establishment, I will shoot your next campaign for free.

My wish for my 26th birthday is for these kids to have new donors that may help them achieve their dream. I hope you can help grand my wish. Let's spread the word. PLEASE SHARE."

Anung pang hinihintay mo kaibigan ishare mo na ito malay mo makatulong ka pa at makapagbigay ng sana sa marami.


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