Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hot Spot : Erwin Galang

Hindi ko lubos maisip na isa sa mga magaling at mahusay na Igers ay makikilala at magkakaroon ako ng pagkakataon na kita siya ng personal sapagkat alam ko na isa sa mga genre ng photography niya ay ang travel. Pero sabi nga nila maliit lamang ang mundo lalo't pa kung iisa lamang ang iyong hilig kaya naman noong nakaraang CineFilipino ay nagkita kami akala ko hindi na iyon pasusundan pa ngunit mali pala ako nasundan pa iyon ng maraming beses at higit sa lahat ay nakasama pa ako sa isa sa mga paglalakbay niya.

Sino nga ba ang tinutukoy ko walang iba kundi si Erwin Galang o mas kilala bilang Er sa mundo ng igers at photography. Kaya naman bilang isang simpleng manunulat gusto ko bigyang ng isang malaking espasyo ang isang katulad nyang traveler na talaga naman nakakamangha ang bawat tirada niya sa kanyang lente. Anino;y dinadala ka rin nito kung nasaan man sya ngaun.

Tara samahan mo akong kilalanin ng husto si Erwin Galang....

Full Name and Alias: Erwin Galang, Er
Twitter: @Erwintoots
IG: @erwnglng
Location: City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Age: 24
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration major in Marketing
Genre of your Photography: I can shoot anything (by request) but I am more interested in landscapes, streets and portraits.

Tell me about yourself that people don’t know:
I do not like eating cheese, mushrooms and beef because of the taste (haha). I do a lot of travel. I am comfortable with outdoor activities like climbing mountains, chasing waterfalls, spelunking or island hopping but I don’t know how to swim. Left-handed ako.

What is your current state of mind before we continue with the interview? 
I am really happy that you considered me as one of the few individuals who could share personal experiences and learning in photography. I still can’t figure out bakit ako napili mo (haha).

How did you get started in photography?
My interest in photography started when I was at 2nd level in college. If I remember it right, that was Niccolo Cosme’s photo who won an international award and I was amazed by his works from then on. That the same moment I am sure that I want to do photography.

Did you go to school to study photography?
No. Tagtipid.

What camera did you use? 
I first owned GE digital camera which I used for 2 years, then I bought a Fujifilm X10 early 2013. I still have an old Canon camera which I seldom use, but I love its vintage vibe on photos.

How would you characterize the style of your photography?
It usually depends on your mood eh. If you’ll check my accounts, I can go from clean, calm and light, minimalist photos to dark, sad, black and white pictures.

Who or what influenced you to become a photographer?
I am a big fan of travel shows, documentaries and real-life stories. It really influenced me to roam around the Philippines and learn the differences in culture and way of living in each region. There’s so much to learn by just sitting with a local, talking about how beautiful a simple life is.

How did you become a photographer? And when did your career start as a professional photographer?
Since I do not like to take photos of myself during events and travels, it is by default that I am the one taking the photos of my friends. I think that’s how I was labeled as a photographer.
I don’t consider myself as a pro and as of now, there are more important things to prioritize than having a full time career in photography.

How did you go about selling your first photograph? 
I like the idea of selling the photos in the street and I hope I can try this before the year ends. I have also plans printing the photos as postcards.

What makes a good photographer in your opinion? 
Kindness, compassion and humility. I always believe in what they say, “The evil you do, remains with you! The good you do, comes back to you!” Kindness is contagious, you do one act of kindness and it spread like fire to others.

Do You Have A Favorite Walk Around Lens...If So What Is It?

Which one item of equipment would you say is the most important to you? 
Extra batteries.

What is the most rewarding part of photography?
The most rewarding part photography is knowing that along the process of taking photos, you have inspired someone to be better that the person he was yesterday. I mean, it's not every day you meet someone who admires you your work or your style, but when that moment comes, make sure you influence them to enjoy and continue doing what makes them happy. I think that is enough.

What is your most embarrassing experience as a photographer?
Stepping on a poop? Haha.

How photography change your life? 
I change my way of seeing things, in a sense that I am more appreciative now, I think. I see a lot of good in everything we have and manages to be creative and resourceful to come up with a satisfying product.

I know you been working with some of the famous and influential people in the country but may I ask who do you wish/dream to work with and why?
BJ Pascual. Niccolo Cosme. Mark Nicdao. Drew Arellano. Solenn Heusaff. One common characteristic why I want to work with these individuals is their flexibility. We need to remember that we must embrace the changing trends of today while keeping our own style. Some of them travel, that is given, but what’s important is they are focused to their goals: to be happy.
I also want to include Paco Guerrero, if you know him.

What tips can you give to someone aspiring to be a professional photographer? 
Be happy. Be free. Be honest. Be kind. Be good.

What are the best tools for a beginner to learn on (besides the camera)?
Composition. And patience, haha! It takes a lot of patience to wait for a specific moment, lalo na if you are into photography. Time is your biggest enemy.

What is your favorite recent image you have shot recently?
Definitely all shots taken on top of the San Miguel Peak, the view of Sisiman Bay at 7am is just amazing.

Can you describe its creation in regards to location, lighting, composition, and camera settings etc, also your thoughts when creating the image and what it means to you? 
I don’t remember settings, only if I have the camera of course I can have a peek. It’s a quick early morning hike, alone. It was one of the best spots I’ve seen in Bataan. Relaxing.

What are the pros and cons of being a photographer? Please be specific.
PROS: You have the power over someone especially if you have their photos (evil laugh)
CONS: You’re never in many photos (but that’s okay with me), and it is an expensive job/hobby.

I know you like traveling for shoot or even for chill-out, can you tell me where is the best place to be to do some shoot? and why there? 
Never been to Palawan and Tawi-tawi, so for now I’ll stick with Cebu. Well, this island will give you abundant natural destinations to visit: waterfalls, beaches, mountains and rivers. Plus, from here it is very easy to hop into another province.

What goal are you working towards within your photography and when will you know you have reached it?
I just want to enjoy life while taking photos of my adventures. In time, I’ll print everything and make a good book about it.

What photographic organizations do you belong to?

Name a photographer you would like to take a portrait of?
BJ Pascual. Niccolo Cosme. Cenon Norial III.

If you weren't a photographer or a multimedia artist, what would you want to be? Why?
A tour guide. Haha!

How do you see yourself 20 or 30 yrs from now?
Still into travelling but with my kids. Siguro naman tapos ko na ang 81 provinces niyan.

What legacy you will leave on? Any final message? It’s your time to shine.
Be curious, but not judgmental. Whatever you do in life, do it because it makes you happy. Be good, do well, and good thing will happen to you.
And always smile.


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