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Hot Spot : Kevin “Chin” Alicante

Sabi nga nila sa mundo ng photography maraming proseso at dapat handa ka sa mga prosesong iyun dahil mabilis na magbago ang panahon ngunit ang hindi lamang magbabago ay ang larawan na kinunan ng isang photographer.

Isa si Kevin Alicante sa masasabi kong open sa lahat ng bagay maging simple man ito o malaki kaya naman hindi na ako magtataka pa ung bakit ang ganda nga mga kuha niya kahit sa simpleng subject lang marahil dahil mas bukal siya sa mga kritiko at marunong umunawa sa mga bagay-bagay at magaling makisama sa lahat.

Kaya naman bilang Arts Month ngaun ay mas magiging madami ang mafeature sa HOT SPOT section ng blog na ito at isa sa mga unang sasalatang ay si Kevin Alicante.

Tara samahan mo akong kilalanin si Kevin o mas kilala bilang Chin sa mundo ng fotograpiya.

Full Name and Alias: Kevin “Chin” B. Alicante/ Tumbangpreso
Website/Blog:  / /
Instagram : @kevalicante
Location: Laguna PH
Age: 27
Education:  BS Aircraft Engineering
Genre of your Photography: Portraiture, Gig/Concert, Street

Tell me something about yourself that people don't know:
Well, few people knew that I don’t eat fruits. LOL. Im a frustrated doodler. Magaling ako mag juggle ng bola, Futbolero eh. Im a indiefilm- slut who happens to attend Cinemalaya for 6 consecutive years now.

What is your current state of mind before we continue with the interview? 
Surprised? I was caught off guard. Binigla mo ako ‘pre di ako prepared. But im okay, so fire away.

How did you get started in photography? 
It all started when I met a fellow blogger during the last days of Friendster. He has a canon dslr (forgot the model) and I find it interesting whenever we were together attending meet-ups he captures good pictures. He tried teaching me the basics but unfortunately I still can’t understand it. Maybe not having my own camera is one of the reasons I didn’t learn the basics back then.

Did you go to school to study photography?
I didn’t have a formal photography lesson when I started taking pictures.I was taking pictures of gig and concert in Saguijo and 70’s bistro. So imagine my outputs during those times.hahaha. I did attend one photography class. Sir James Nicholay’s Basic Digital Photography class, just to fully understand the camera settings (especially the exposure triangle).

What camera did you use? 
I was using my first camera back then. Nikon d5000. Then I shifted to Fujifilm x-a1. Then last year I got my fuji x-e2.

How would you characterize the style of your photography?
Right now, I love taking my shots a lil bit under exposed, Mas nakakapaglaro ako sa editing kapag ganun yung kuha ko. When it comes to concept like “soulful” and “feelings” im a bit picky in terms of getting my models. Pagnakita ko palang yung mukha alam ko na if we can produce that kind of concept. Siguro naman lahat tayo gusto natin worth it yung magagawa nating outputs everytime we shoot, diba? Sa style mismo, very random. Wala akong sarili or mine-maintain na concept. May aesthetic kind, cinematic, black and white, nude, soulful feelings, bondage. Meron pa nga asian look lang halos lahat eh. lol. Ayaw ko kasi ikahon or ilabel yung sarili ko sa iisang bagay lang.Sa mga dadating na araw gusto ko magtry pa ng iba pang style like surrealism.

Who or what influenced you to become a photographer?
My first influence was blogger/photographer named Kath Kapulong (@kaththecrapout). That’s how I appreciated the term “artistic” because of her works. Brendan Goco, there’s something in his shots that I really love. And lastly, Pal Alvin Domanais (@shuttergasmic), he’s the one who really pushed me to get better. Especially editing my shots. Really a humble and down-to-earth guy.

What makes a good photographer in your opinion?
I don’t know about the word “good” because being one good photographer is based per person perspective. Like, something can be good for me and it can be mediocre for you.

So anyway, to answer your question, I think a good photographer is knowing how find the light. Able to prepare his/herself for the particular concept before the shoot takes place. Capturing good moments and poses.

Do You Have A Favorite Walk Around Lens...If So What Is It?
Fujinon 35mm f1.4

What is the most rewarding part of photography?
Well for now, Im thankful that I can work and do collaborations again despite I stop taking pictures for almost 6 months.

What is your most embarrassing experience as a photographer?
I think the one I came unprepared. Im doing a collaboration with a fast emerging model last year. I set up a time but we arrived at the venue a little bit late because I gave bad direction on how to reach the location. Then during the shoot things turned out differently, I lost my mood, bad lighting. I just keep firing my shutter. The shoot finished, I started looking at my works and I couldn’t find a solution on how would it look good. As in tapon shot yata lahat napunta.

How photography change your life?
Mas lalo pa yata akong naging pulubi hahahah. Kidding. Well frankly, photography helped me in a lot of ways. Like boosting my self-confidence and self-esteem. Teaching me to deal with everyone whom I’d encountered before and from the time being.

I know you been working with some of the famous and influencial people in the country but may I ask whom do you wish/dream to work with and Why?
Andrea Beldua, Nina Sandejas, Jason Magbanua. They’re my inspirations and I love everything they do. I Support local artist.

What tips can you give to someone aspiring to be a professional photographer?
I don’t consider myself as a professional photographer. I haven’t earned a single penny (yet) from taking photos. Im just a mere hobbyist.

But here's some of the things I learn over the months im taking pictures.
-Work your communication skills. It will help you to look professionally. 
-Earn the trust of your co-artist and models. Learn to accept rejections. Don’t ask sexy or nude right away. Ask first the model what concepts she is willing to do.
-Treat your model as an important person. Wag mo pitikan ng straight 3 oras. Talk to them from time to time; ask them if they need anything. Are they okay?
-Lastly don’t be a crab. Don’t attack someone’s output especially if you’re not ask to give constructive criticism. Wag ka din magbabato ng ad hominem (e.i.= physical appearance, university/college they  went to).

What are the best tools for a beginner to learn on (besides the camera)?
Read/watch tutorials from google. Attend workshops. Save some sample shots in your phone incase your lacking in terms of concept and poses.

I know you like traveling for shoot or even for chill-out, can tell me where is the best place to be to do some shoot? and why there?

Still Metro Manila. Quiapo, Binondo, Malate, well if you’re into outdoor and street photography. Other than that, look for abandoned buildings, ruins or climb mountains and forest. Or if your just lazy to roam far away from your place, make your house your own venue for a photoshoot.

What goal are you working towards within your photography and when will you know you have reached it?
My goal is to be a known photographer. Making my works as my name. I know its still a long way for me but im sure it will happen.

What photographic organizations do you belong to?

If you weren't a photographer or a multimedia artist, what would you want to be? 
I guess a great soccer player just like my dad.

What legacy you will leave on?
For now,gusto ko lang masabi sa sarili ko na nagawa ko yung mga gusto ko, nashoot ko ang mga gusto ko ishoot. Nakatrabaho ko yung mga gusto ko makatrabaho. Ayos na sa akin yung ganun na mataandaan ako ng mga tao.

Any final message? Its your time to shine..
I’m not really good with parting words, so Im gonna keep this short.

Please do follow or check my works in my personal fb account and the other sites stated above.

To those reading this (whatever this is), thanks a lot for your time, I hope you learned something from this (whatever this is), even though I doubt there’s really something learn-able from me. LOL

Listen to good music. Read good books (not Kath and Vince and Wattpad jeje stories). Stay awesome.

Have a great day and may God bless you all.


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