Friday, January 4, 2019

Timmy Pavino as Emilio "Miong" Aguinaldo on the latest offering of Repertory Philippines

Finally after so many years, one of my friends in the theater industry is going to have a lead role in the prestigious theater production, Repertory Philippines.

Timmy Pavino is one of the finalist of the Kapamilya Network's, The Voice of the Philippines under the mentorship of Lea Salonga. After joining the competition, he has been busy in different paths, from singing engagement from both online and on stage, promoting his albums and of course acting on stage. 

I was very glad that have been given a chance to do an exclusive interview with Timmy Pavino and ask him regarding his role in the Repertory Philippines "Miong."

hi Timmy, how are you today? 
 I’m doing amazing!

Tell me about the Repertory Philippines Miong? What is all about?
Miong is about the humble beginnings of Emilio Aguinaldo. Much is known about his presidency, but as to his story of growing up, even falling in love, very little has been shown.

I heard you will be play as lead in this musical play Miong? Tell me about about it, how you get the role? Did you audition about this?
I’m honored that Ms. Joy Virata chose me out of those who auditioned for the role. It’s my first time to be in a major lead role, and I’ll admit, I’m a bit nervous but ready!

What are your preparation about this?
Of course, being born in Seattle, Washington, I had very little knowledge of Philippine history prior to moving to Manila. So, part of my preparations asides from working out to keep my stamina for the show, is to read up on Philippine history.

Did you rehearse alright in this play? If yes, how it is?
At this point, we have yet to fully rehearse the entire material, only bits and pieces for our last press conference. But, I’m looking forward to the rehearsal process with this enormously talented, and large number of cast mates!

What's your discovery in the life of Miong?
Many Know him as the “traitor” you could say, but many don’t know the vital choices he made growing up that made people truly believe in him as the leader. Our first president. Stepping into his shoes, I do feel the weight and pressure of what he went through. I’m sure his choices during his presidency were neither quick or easy.

And What's your learning experience while doing Miong? 
From the songs alone, the story shows he was a light hearted fellow, and cared for family. I learned to appreciate those around me more during our recent rehearsals.

Can you give me 3 reason why the people watched this historical play of Repertory Philippines Miong? 
1. MIONG is in English, so anyone and everyone of all ages can come and enjoy the show
2. The music was beautiful written
3. It’s a chance and opportunity to feel a story that hasn’t been often told, and gives us a bigger picture that we cannot truly judge a book by its cover. That there is more to someone than what we just see on paper.

Invited them to watch? Where and until when of this play?
Hello, everyone! I’m Tim Pavino, and I’m inviting you to come and watch Repertory Philippines’ MIONG starting this February 15th to March 10th 2019 at Onstages Greenbelt Theatre! Tickets should be available on Ticketworld nationwide! God bless!

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